Panchakki, Aurangabad

Visitor Information

  • Famous For: Tourism, Experience seekers, Photography and Learning.
  • Entrance Fee: For Indian tourists, the entrance fee to the Panchakki is INR 5 per head. For foreigners, the entrance fee hikes upto INR 100. The entrance fee for children upto 5 years of age is free.
  • Visiting Time: The Panchakki water mill stays open from 7 am till 9 pm for its visitors. The Mill stays open on all days throughout the year at the mentioned time period.
  • Visit Duration: Approximately one to two hours. If you want to absorb the science behind it and take notes, it might take a little longer.

The Panchakki Water Mill is helmed important as it was initially used for grinding grains for the visiting pilgrims. Also considered a monument of importance of the Aurangabad region, the water mill in Maharashtra is considered a scientific brilliance. It is said to be an amalgamation of Indian architecture pertaining to the Middle Ages and scientific know-how.

The Panchakki Water Mill was originally conceptualized and erected to generate renewable energy by harnessing it from running water supplied by a nearby source of water, like a spring flowing down the mountain slopes.

Photo by Nathan Hughes Hamilton, CC BY 2.0

Traveler Tips

  • Try to visit during the mentioned timings. All information about the timings is mentioned in the article.
  • Do not touch the water mill or any parts of the mill. It is strictly prohibited to maintain the state and order of the Panchakki Water Mill.
  • Do not carry any plastic bags inside the water mill. Maintaining the cleanliness of the place is a top necessity.
  • If travelling with children, it is advisable to keep a close eye on them.

Things to Do

  • If you want detailed information about the Panchakki water mill and the way things work, you can ask a tour guide to explain the technicalities involved. The guides show you how it functions and also brushes up on the historical relevance of the same.
  • With a nominal fee of 5-100 INR, one can visit the entire expanse of the Panchakki Water Mill.
  • One should remember to visit the Dargah of Baba Shah Musafir that is at a very close proximity to Panchakki.
  • One can enjoy a nice panoramic view of the beautiful Kham River.

Availability of Guides

At the Panchakki Water Mill in Maharashtra you will find guides who very well explain the details of the water mill, as is aforementioned in the article. A special guide may or may not available, based on your tour requirements.

Best Time to Visit

They say that the best time to visit Aurangabad is November to March as the weather stays moderately pleasant around this time. However, the water mill naturally comes alive during the monsoon season as the monsoons receive heavy rainfall. The winter months between November and February can get chilly. However, most tourists seem to enjoy the winter bliss!

How to Reach

Aurangabad is well connected by all means of transport; be it airways, waterways or railways. It is a relatively easy place to travel to owing to its holistic accessibility from all corners of the subcontinent. Aurangabad has an international airport that has connecting flights to and from all major cities. From Aurangabad, one can avail a bus or rent a car to reach the Panchakki Water mill. Autos and taxis also ply regularly to make it easier for the travelers.

Interesting Facts and Trivia about Panchakki

  • The Panchakki Water Mill dates back to the 17th It was originally built with the intention to grind grains for the Sufi saints who visited the vicinity.
  • The water-mill gets it supply from an underground conduit. This conduit is well connected to a well which is located right on top of the Harsul River junction. The tributary of the river is also located at a close proximity to the Water mill.
  • The Panchakki water mill is declared as one of the top tourist destinations in the Aurangabad region of Maharashtra.
Panchakki Aurangabad
Photo by cool_spark, CC BY 2.0

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If you are planning to visit the Panchakki water mill in Aurangabad, do not forget to check out the local cuisine! The spicy and tangy cuisine, will add flavor to your overall travelling experience. Not to mention the joy of visiting medieval structures that reek of scientific brilliance. India was and is truly ahead of its times in sectors more than one. Happy travelling!

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