Top 5 Places to Visit in Sasaram

The city shows the perfect confluence of natural beauty and architectural marvels. Sasaram has a vivid historical past. The city was conquered by many monarchs under whom the land prospered. The city was an important trading city under the Britishers and hence played an important part during the revolt of 1857. The city was the birthplace of rulers like the fearless Rani Laxmi Bai or Raja Harishchand. Their legacies are now preserved with the monuments they left behind. The historic city has many places of interest. These places would surely make you visit the city and the neighboring areas.

1. Waterfalls

The area has two major waterfalls namely, Dhua Kund and Majhar Kund. These waterfalls are utilized by the government for the supply of hydroelectricity. These waterfalls are the favorite picnic spots of the city. They remain crowded throughout the year. Despite being engulfed by throngs of tourist, the falls are wonders of nature that can soothe any wandering heart.

2. Sher Shah Suri’s Tomb

Sher Shah Suri's Tomb
Photo by Nandanupadhyay, CC BY-SA 3.0

The tomb was completed by Islam Shah a few months after Sher Shah Suri’s death. The tomb is located in the middle of an artificial lake. The octagonal tomb is a specimen of the Pathan style of architecture in India. The tomb has the second highest dome of India. The tomb is etched with several smaller domes and arches. The beautiful tomb houses the remnants of a dauntless leader.

3. Maa Tara Chandi Temple

Maa Tara Chandi Temple is one of the 52 Shakti Peetha in India. Shakti Peetha is the shrine where the bodily remains of the goddesses are venerated. The tale behind the formation of the various temples is one of devotion, love and sorrow. The legend behind the shrines is that the union of Sati and Shiva was not approved of Sati’s father. Not being able to take her father’s rejection Sati decided to cease her existence. The god could not bear the pain of separation from his wife and danced the dance of destruction, that is Tandava. To cease the havoc being created by Shiva, Vishnu used his Sudarshan-chakra and tore Sati’s corpse into pieces. These pieces fell at various locations in the subcontinent. The shrine in Sasaram is said to have gotten an eye. The shrine is dedicated to goddess and god who loved her.

4. Rohtaas Fort

Rohtaas Fort
Photo by Guilhem Vellut, CC BY 2.0

Rohtaas fort is said to have been built by Raja Harishchnad. The king who was famous for his honesty and high moral code. The fort was under Mughal control till the Humayun did not lose it in a battle to Sher Shah Suri. Under the reign of Suri Sasaram gained political, economic and administrative importance. Many monuments were built during this period in the region. The fort was recaptured by Mughal forces under the command of Raja Man Singh and made part of Akbar’s vast empire. Being an important British economic Centre, the city and its fort played a role in the mutiny of 1857. Amar Singh during the period of the revolt gave refuge to many soldiers fighting for Independence. The fort remained impermeable and for a long time and kept the British regiments on the other side.

5. Shergarh

The fort was built by Sher Shah Suri after he conquered the region from Humayun. The story behind the construction of Shergarh fort remains an enigma. Several scholars have given various reason for the same, but there seems to be no consensus about it.

There are many other places of historic interest close to the city. The long past of the city is now depicted in the structures that are left behind.  They narrate stories of valiant warriors who were ready to lay down their lives for their motherland or of Buddhist rulers who wanted to unify the subcontinent under the message of Dhamma as seen through the Ashkan Pillar. It is left to us, to unravel and listen to all those stories that are left behind as legacies for us.

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