Zero Point, Almora

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: Scenery, Serenity, Photography
  • Entrance fee:150 per person (validity of 3 days) and Rs.250 per vehicle
  • Visiting time: Sunrise to Sunset (Daily)
  • Visit duration: 1 hour to 2 hours

Zero Point is a tower which has been erected right at the heart of the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. Zero Point is present in Binsar, which is at a little distance away from Almora in the state of Uttarkhand and is present at a height of about 2400 meters above the ground level. This spot is not accessible by vehicles and can only be reached by a 2 kilometer long trekking trail from the parking space. This area is widely famous all over the country for the mesmerizing view that it offers. Visitors and locals flock to Zero Point to look at the stunning view of the pure white mountains of the Himalayas. In addition to offering a stupendous view of the mountain peaks of Nanda Devi, Kedarnath etc., this is also the most perfect place to start the day by viewing a magnificent sunrise which spreads its rays of beauty throughout the surrounding area. All this makes Zero Point an intoxication for nature lovers and adventure fanatics.

Zero Point Tower
Zero point tower, Image Source

Traveler Tips

  • Since the point can only be reached by walking, make sure you have the capacity to walk all the way.
  • Wear comfortable footwear to traverse the rough trekking trail.
  • Carry your own food and snacks as there won’t be any stalls selling anything on the way.

Things to Do

  • Start the day by witnessing the splendid sunrise in which the sun spreads its golden rays all over the mountains and the wilderness.
  • Get that adrenaline pumping by walking up the trail to Zero Point and enjoying the clean air in the forest area.
  • Witness the diversity of wildlife that is located in the region as you trek amidst the lush greenery of the sanctuary.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking view of the pure white mountains that surround the area in their utmost rawness.
  • Photograph nature at its utmost beauty with the wilderness all around. The majestic mountains and the trees add to the mesmerizing backdrop.
  • Arrange a local guide to get to know the names of the various species inhabiting the sanctuary.

Availability of Guides

Local guides are available for a certain fee within the conservatory area. Usually for a fee of Rs.300, they will guide you through the trekking trail while giving out information on the inhabitants of the sanctuary. They are well versed in the various species which reside and make up the wilderness.

Best Time to Visit

Visiting Binsar during the months of March to July would be perfect to escape the heat of the summers in the plains and to enjoy the pleasant and mild weather that is present around this time. Even the months during the onset of winters until November can also be utilized to visit Zero Point and is found to have a spark of its own.

How to Reach

Binsar is situated at just about 30 kilometers from Almora. The closest airport is the Pantnagar Aiport situated almost at a distance of about 130 kilometers while the nearest railway station is the Kathgodam Railway Station which is about 100 kilometers from it. Binsar has a good bus service and is quite well connected to Almora, Kurmaon and Haldwani. After reaching Binsar, a cab has to be taken to the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary which is allowed till the car park area. Then it is almost a one hour walk up the trail which leads to Zero Point.

Interesting Facts and Trivia about Zero Point

  • The tower was built in order to give way to unrestricted viewing of the allure of the region.
  • The viewing can reach a distance of almost 300 kilometers to cover the farthest mountain peaks.
  • Binsar was ruled under the Chand dynasty which also had its hold over the nearby regions.
  • The wildlife sanctuary in Binsar was started in 1988 for protective reasons and has plethora of wildlife including the Himalayan Goral, flying squirrel, blackbirds, magpies and rhododendron trees.
View From Zero Point
Sunset at Zero Point, Image Source

Nearby Attractions

Nearby Restaurants

  • Baba Cake
  • Lali’s Inn and Restaurant
  • Godawari Restaurant
  • Kaafal Café

Zero Point is the perfect getaway to get in touch with nature and to escape from the mundane routine of everyday life. With plenty of activities to carry out, Zero point is a must visit for people visiting Uttarakhand.

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