Bagore Ki Haveli, Udaipur

Visitor Information

  • Popular For: History buffs, Cultural experience seekers, Photographers
  • Entry Fee: Rs 60 plus Rs 100 additional charges for camera
  • Visiting Time: 10:00 am – 6:30 pm daily
  • Visit Duration: 60-120minutes

An 18th century Rajput masterpiece situated at the heart of City of Palaces, Udaipur – Bagore Ki Haveli beside Lake Pichola is a gem. The palace is accessed from the Gangori Ghat in Lake Pichola. A must visit location for every cultural explorer and history buff. This palace of mirrors was constructed by the then prime minister of the Mewar province Amarchand Badwa. The place is majestically designed by craftsmen of that era and hence it depicts the art of that time. The walls tell a colourful tale from a vibrant past. Beautiful glasswork and mural paintings from Mewar adorns the walls of the palace.

It is an illustrious palace decorated by mirrors specially the Queen’s chamber is the one to look out for. It has glassworks of peacocks adorning the walls. This opulent structure consisting of hundreds of rooms was built during the reins of 4 successive Maharajas of Mewar from 1751-1778 and was the private property of the Mewar Royal Family till independence. Presently the government uses it as a cultural centre for western India with a fully functional museum and various musical activities occurring throughout the year. The Dharohar dance festival showcasing Rajasthan’s rich cultural festival is a regular affair occurring every evening here. So, this is one of place that mirrors the feel of Rajasthan.

Bagore Ki Haveli
Photo by Molesworth II, CC BY 2.0

Traveller Tips

  • The palace has a vast area and requires time to explore it fully. So plan accordingly
  • Most of the traveling is done by foot so best to wear comfortable shoes
  • Always take the help of a guide to unleash the full potential of the place
  • As it is one of the sought-after places of Udaipur hence it enjoys a huge footfall. So be expect a huge crowd.
  • Pets are not allowed here
  • Food and bathroom facilities are available

Things to Do

  • The Bagore Museum is a must visit place
  • Visit the intricate nitty gritty areas of the palace and relish the Mewar era glassworks and paintings
  • The Queen’s chamber is a must visit part of the palace.
  • Make sure you explore the rich deposit of costumes, paintings, old musical instruments and other artworks
  • Don’t miss the cultural experiences – musical and folk dance shows.
  • Must opt for the Dharohar dance festival
  • Enjoy theatre show of Rajasthan’s rich cultural heritage at theatre ground here.
  • Enjoy puppetry and Rajasthani folk tales story through puppet shows
  • Watch the breath-taking sunset from the palace grounds
  • Buy affordable handicrafts, souvenirs and other artworks from different stores and boutiques in the area

Availability of Guides

Guides are easily available and can be availed at the palace ground. They are effective in guiding through the well-known places in the palace and also helps in manoeuvring in the crowd. Most tour operators include a guide who guide through all the palaces.

Best Time to Visit

The palace remains open throughout the year and the cultural events occur although the year. Hence there is no specific period to visit. However, winter and monsoon are the ideal time to visit as the weather is pleasant then. Hence July –January would be ideal for visit. Also, the frequency of cultural activities increase in winter. Thus November-January is the ideal time to visit Udaipur.

Cultural Show
Photo by Arian Zwegers, CC BY 2.0

How to Reach

The palace lies in the old city of Udaipur which within 1.5 km radius of Udaipur centre. It is well connected by local buses, auto rickshaws and taxis.

Interesting Facts and Trivia About Bagore Ki Haveli

  • The palace harbours 138 rooms and it is lined by innumerable corridors, courtyards and balconies.
  • The queen’s chamber has 2 peacock glassworks on the walls.
  • It hosts the West Zone Cultural Centre which stands for the whole western indian culture including goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra.
  • A gigantric turban is out on display in the turban section of the museum.
  • The upper 3 stories and the gateway arch were added much later when restoration was undertaken by Maharaja Sakhti Singh in 1878
  • The actual palace was built during the reins of Raj Singh II, Maharana Pratap Singh II, Hamir Singh and Ari Singh.

Nearby Attractions

  • Jagdish temple just at a stone’s throw distance from Bagore ki haveli is a major attraction. It is located within 0.1km of Bagore.
  • The Fateh Prakash Palace is at a distance of 0.2 km from Bagore
  • Heritage House City place near jagdish temple is at a distance of 0.2 km from Bagore
  • Various other temples like Mohan Mandir, Shri Satyeshwar Mahadev Mandir. Laxminarayan mandir etc lies in the vicinity
  • Bada Mahal is another sightseeing option in this area.

Nearby Restaurants

  • Hotel Tiger Rooftop and Sunrise Rooftop restaurant are the most well known eateries in Ganghor ghat area.
  • Poonam Haveli, Jaiwana Bistro Lounge, Natural View restaurant are other places to look out for.
  • Udaigarh Rooftop and Mewar Haveli rooftop are good options in the Lalghat, Jagdish temple area.

The city of Palaces with its palaces, rich cultural heritage and authentic cuisine offers much to all travellers. Bagore Ki Haveli, a picturesque tranquil place in this city offer all of this at a nominal price. The scenic beauty of the opulent palace makes you relive the aura of Rajput shine and for a while relieves you from your exhaustive life.

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