10 Handpicked Resorts in Pushkar for a Royal Holiday

Pushkar is a religious centre of the Hindus near Ajmer in Rajasthan. Bordering the Thar Desert, Pushkar is set around a holy lake. Though the exact time of its origins is unknown, the city is associated with mythical legends that go far back in time. The name Pushkar comes from the Sanskrit word for a blue lotus flower. According to the legend, the gods sent a swan with a blue lotus in its beak to find a place for the Hindu god of creation, Brahma, to perform a Maha-yagna. The lotus from the swan’s beak fell on land that was later named after it.

Now a famous Hindu pilgrimage site, devout Hindus make sure to visit this city at least once in their lifetimes. The only place in the world with a Brahma temple, Pushkar is famous for its old-world charm as well as its splendid tourist attractions.

In the month of November, the world’s largest camel fair is held at Pushkar. Tourists from all around the world come to attend the festivities and fun that this celebration entails. The color and carnival are unimaginably exciting and this event brings together a number of people from different communities providing an extraordinary experience.

There are many places to see in and around this holy city. From temples to forts and heritage walks to camping and treks, Pushkar has something for every single one of us. Here we present to you the ten best resorts to stay at in Pushkar:

1. Ananta Spa and Resort

Ananta Spa and Resort
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Satisfy your epicurean spirit by visiting the Ananta Spa and Resorts for such luxury can rarely be found elsewhere. With 62 rooms spread in 9-acres of land, this resort features all that you would ever need for the perfect vacation. Each villa features independent rooms on the ground and first floor with a balcony, a garden, and an open roof shower set amidst waterfalls. The Mudra spa at this resort is highly recommended if you seek a rejuvenation of your mind, body, and soul. The restaurant here serves delicious Indian and International cuisine to satisfy your palate, however exotic it may be.

2. Pratap Palace

Pratap Palace
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Pratap Palace speaks volumes about Rajasthani culture and heritage through its walls. Situated on the Ajmer-Pushkar bypass, this is a preferred stay option if you are visiting also Ajmer’s famous Dargah Sharif on your trip to Pushkar. With eighty rooms, this grand resort offers you a royal experience. Aravalli hills form the backdrop of the scenery here and you can just bask in the opulence looking at the exotic views.

3. Dera Masuda

Dera Masuda
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At a distance of 7 kilometres from the Pushkar Lake, Dera Masuda overlooks the famous Savitri Temple and the Aravalli hills. Sit on the pool-side on a recliner at the resort to enjoy a great sunset and take a walk in the gardens to feel the serenity of nature overpowering you in the best way possible. The rooms are spacious and provide all modern amenities. The resort also organizes safaris and desert rides for visitors wanting to experience the unspoiled beauty of the Thar Desert.

4. Bhanwar Singh Palace

Bhanwar Singh Palace
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Located just ten minutes away from the city, Bhanwar Singh Palace is luxury revisited. The Maharaja and Maharani Suite, the restaurant, swimming pool, and the spa are the highlights of the place. Bhanwar Singh Palace boasts stunning gardens and courtyards that glimmer like sand in the evening desert sun. The camel safaris, jeep rides, and horseback expeditions into beautiful and winding paths of the local villages and surrounding areas are also organized by the resort.

5. Pushkar Bagh

Pushkar Bagh
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A pool and lush gardens in the middle of a desert give Pushkar Bagh an identity of an oasis. The personalized attention and outstanding quality of services offered by the staff make this resort a must-visit. Visit the yoga and meditation centre to revitalize your mind and spirit, go on a nature walk or a desert safari to explore local culture, or just sit by the pool with your favourite book and relax as you sip on some delicious drink from a tall glass. A candlelit dinner in the desert sands at the resort is bound to make you feel like love is in the air. Opt for a luxury suite at the resort to experience the best facilities here.

6. Jagat Palace

Jagat Palace
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Jagat Palace is located just 1.5 kilometres away from the city centre and this location makes it one of the best hotels to stay in while you travel in and explore this historic city. The tasteful architecture and furnishings remind visitors of bygone times and the days of the old kingdoms in Rajasthan. The regal décor and the modern facilities blend in perfectly to provide a fine experience. The place boasts an in-house swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, spa, a multi-cuisine restaurant, camel karawan, and jeep and camel safaris for visitors.

7. Aaram Bagh

Aaram Bagh
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Offering an impeccable combination of camping and luxury, Aaram Bagh is an unconventional travel destination. The resort offers stunning views of the nearby hills and the sunset is mesmerizing when seen from here. There are five types of villas available to satisfy a variety of tastes. The Arabian, Persian, Egyptian, Greek, and Tribal suites feature décor from around the world and will provide you with an experience of being in a different place altogether. Visit Aaram Bagh if you desire quick yet efficient service and comfort.

8. Lohana Village Resort

Lohana Village Resort
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Another addition to the trend of ‘glamping’ or glamorous camping is the Lohana Village resort located ten minutes away from the city. Spread across an area of five acres, this resort features opulent tents that seem like they were made for the royalty. Visit this resort to have a comfortable yet affordable stay with your loved ones.

9. Sewara Pushkar Resort

Sewara Pushkar Resort
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The authentic Rajasthani culture forms a major standpoint of the design and architecture of this resort. So, colourful and bright are the interiors that you will feel like you are a part of everything that the ancient city of Pushkar stands for. The restaurant at Sewara Pushkar resort serves Rajasthani, European, and continental delicacies made from delicious organic produce grown in-house.

10. Sajjan Bagh

Sajjan Bagh
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Spread over a sprawling 4 acres, the resort offers accommodations like swiss tents, suites, and cottages. Its location just 500 meters away from the city bus-stand makes it widely popular among tourists. Folk dance performances and desert safaris are provided by the resort on visitor’s demands. A relaxing Ayurvedic massage at Sajjan Bagh is bound to relax you without drilling a hole in your pocket. A quality stay integrated with all modern amenities at Sajjan Bagh will become an unforgettable memory.

Pushkar is a well-known pilgrimage site and offers a number of other attractions as well. With so many hotels and resorts to choose from, it gets rather difficult to arrive at a decision. We hope that this list will help you in choosing the best accommodation for your next trip to this holy city.

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