Man Mahal, Pushkar

Visitors Information

  • Famous For: History, Photography, Architecture
  • Entry Fee: No entry fee is required.
  • Visiting Time: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Daily)
  • Visiting Duration: 1 to 2 hours

A place of beauty deserves special visit in case you cannot live there permanently. This must have been the exact thoughts of Raja Man Singh – I who had been the backbone behind this palatial architecture of the Man Mahal located in Pushkar, Rajasthan. The Man Mahal was built as a royal guest house that Raja Man Singh, a Navratna of Emperor Akbar, used as a resting abode whenever he visited Pushkar.

This palace has a majestic view of all the temples in Pushkar and their gorgeous reflections on the Pushkar Lake that captivates the eyes of every tourist and beckons him or her to come back to this heavenly place again and again. At present, this royal guest house has been converted to a luxurious palace hotel that serves the travelers who can afford to stay here with every amenity one can seek for.

Traveler Tips

  • Carry a bottle of water with you and remember to put on your shades and your hat to beat the sunrays from giving you a tan.
  • Definitely carry a camera as the sight is majestic and deserves to be captured.
  • Wear something light if you are visiting during the day on any time of the year. If you are visiting the place at night in winter, then carry warm clothes with you because it gets chilly soon after twilight.
  • Resist yourself from enjoying the luxurious amenities of the hotel if you are on a pocket pinch.

Things to Do There

  • This is a beautiful place where you do not require permission to indulge in photography outside the main building.
  • You can take a walk through the gorgeous garden with the thought in mind that the place that you are setting foot on was stepped upon by Raja Man Singh himself several times.
  • You can stay there till dusk to watch the Sandhya Arati of the temples of Pushkar whose reflections fall on the Pushkar Lake and set the lake on a virtual fire.
  • If you can afford it then you should dine in at the royal restaurants to get a feeling of the royal life of the Rajput rulers.

Availability of Guides

There are no extra guides on the premises of Man Mahal. However, if you have appointed a guide for the entire tour package of yours, then you will get a special briefing regarding this majestic architecture.

Best Time to Visit

This luxurious hotel has got every amenity and can be visited any time of the year. However, the tourists who want to view it only are recommended to visit the place in winter, that is, between November and February as the temperature is unbearable in summer.

How to Reach the Place

The palace of Man Mahal can be easily reached from the city of Ajmer via a hired car or a private tourist bus. It is more than 10 km away from Ajmer and it takes around an hour and 30 minutes to reach the palace grounds as the drive is through a winding hilly terrain.

Interesting Facts About Man Mahal, Pushkar

  • It is open 24×7 all the year round.
  • It is the largest palace in Pushkar.
  • It is located on the eastern part of the Pushkar Lake.
  • It has a beautiful garden that is open to the tourists.
  • The palace hotel is one of the best luxury palace hotels in the world and is suitable for special events like the wedding ceremonies, wedding anniversaries, birthday parties and many such other occasions.
  • This is a good place for shooting films and advertisements too.

Nearby Attractions

Nearby Restaurants

  • Rainbow Restaurant
  • The Laughing Buddha Café
  • Sunset Café
  • Moon Dance
  • Fragrance of India

As we can perceive, a walk down this place will infuse a rejuvenated vigor in the hearts of every single visitor. The air around this place is filled with the aroma of incense and roses emerging out of the Pushkar Lake that is worshipped every single day. The ambience of faith and a touch of luxury that enthralls the atmosphere are truly welcoming. Thus, this romantic place is a must visit for every photographer and a lover of history.

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