Karamana River, Kovalam

Visitor Information

  • Famous For: Nature, Photography, Adventure, Romance.
  • Entry Fee: No fee is required barring adventure sports, transport and food.
  • Visiting Time: Preferably during the day.
  • Visiting Duration: Almost an entire day and night (optional).

Kerala is known for the varsity of water bodies. This state is well connected by waterways and is, thus, known as the ‘Venice of the East’. One such important connecter flowing through the state of Kerala is the Karamana River. This is one of the prime rivers that sustains life in Kerala and is considered as holy by the local residents. The view along the length and breadth of this southern river in India is so scenic that tourists are automatically lured to the banks of the Karamana River throughout the year. Offering a number of adventurous and romantic water sports, the Karamana River has gained immense popularity among the tourists, who have a fondness for water, ranging from all over the world. Thus, owing to the homely environment and the majestic view of the surroundings, a visit to the Karamana River is one of the topmost places on the list of every tourist who visits that region.

Karamana River
Photo by Tanweer Morshed, CC BY-SA 4.0

Traveller Tips

  • Carry extra clothes with you and a towel in case you are planning to go for a swim or any other water sport.
  • If you want take part in adventure sports, you should book your package in advance by consulting a travel agency in Kovalam because booking on the spot especially during the peak season might cost you more than the actual rate.

Things to Do There

  • Enjoy a quiet walk down the banks of the Karamani River.
  • Take part in water sports like boating, canoeing, kayaking and others to experience the blood flowing through your veins.
  • Go for a picnic there with your friends and family.

Availibility of Guides

You can walk up to a professional guide at the kiosks without having to worry at all and seek help if you are facing any kind of trouble.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Karamana River in Kovalam, Kerala, is from October to February because this is the time when the people of Kerala are in a festive mood and the enjoyment is at its peak.

How to Reach the Place

The Karamana River is located at a distance of 7.5 km from the centre of Kovalam. So, you can hire a cab on the day of your visit or board a tourist bus from beforehand to reach the banks of the river.

Interesting Facts About the Karamani River

  • The Karamana River originates from the southern part of the Western Ghats.
  • As it slows through a suburban area called Karamana, the name of the river has been announced as the Karamana River.
  • This river flows through Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of the state of Kerala.
  • Water sports like boating, kayaking and canoeing are organized here during the dy.
  • There are many houseboats that can be reserved by the tourists to live in while travelling down the length of the Karamana River during the day and night.
Karamana River Kovalam
Photo by deepgoswami, CC BY 2.0

Nearby Attractions

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  • Karamana River
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Nearby Restaurants

  • 3rd Rock
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  • Sanjeevani restaurant
  • Curry Leaf
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  • Lonely Planet
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The Karamana River is rich in both beauty and bounty. With a picturesque view presented in the surrounding all across the banks of the river, tourists from all over the world are drawn to this place to experience the mirth of heaven. Thus, this sacred river deserves its worthy respect and, thus, it must be visited by every tourist in the world at least once in a lifetime.

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