Aruvikkara Dam, Kovalam

Visitor Information

  • Famous For: Scenery, Serenity, Fun
  • Entrance Fee: No fee for this public spot
  • Visiting Time: Sunrise to Sunset
  • Visit Duration: 1 hour to 2 hours

The perfect location to bask in the calmness and beauty of nature is what is guaranteed by the Aruvikkara Dam of Kovalam. Situated at about 15 kilometers away from the city of Trivandrum, the dam is located in the premises of the Aruvikkara village. Alongside the Karamana River, the dam was built to support the agricultural activity in the surrounding villages and as a water source for the city of Trivandrum. A little small in stature, the dam is well maintained by the authorities and is a public spot which is frequented by families and friends who want to hang out at a serene location. With a small park and boat rides, this spot is a great place to spend some time marveling at the water source and engaging in some fun activities.

Aruvikkara Dam
Photo by Sugeesh, CC BY 3.0

Traveler Tips

  • Weekends are usually crowded and so weekdays are the best to visit the location so as to avoid the crowds.
  • There is ample water in the dam during the monsoons and is the preferred time to visit it in its full glory.
  • Carry a pair of extra clothes if you plan on getting wet.
  • Keep yourself hydrated as the region has a really high level of humidity, especially during the monsoons.

Things to Do

  • Visit in the early mornings and evenings to enjoy the stunning sunsets and sunrises which spread their glorious aura over the shimmering waters.
  • With lush greenery around the area, this spot is perfect to click a great many photographs due to the amazing backdrop.
  • Try out the boat rides which are available there.
  • Visit the peaceful and famous Bhagavathi Temple which has been built in reverence of Goddess Durga, and look into the beautiful architecture.
  • Feeding the fishes which jump around in the water is another activity which is widely carried out by devotees and tourists visiting the spot.
  • Relax and unwind from the noise of the city in this calming setting.
  • Try out the food available in the local food stalls and the nearby restaurants to get a taste of the local cuisine.
  • Shop and roam around at the local markets to collect souvenirs from the spot.
  • Visit the zoo and the crocodile sanctuary which is nearby.

Availability of Guides

Since this is basically a recreational spot where people come to relax and have fun, guides are not needed to sightsee the location.

Best Time to Visit

The region has got a tropical season owing to the large number of water sources in the area. It has a great level of humidity which sees a peak during the summer and the monsoon seasons. The best time to visit the dam would be during the monsoon seasons as that is when the water level reaches an all-time high and overflows in the dam. This would be the right time to see the dam in its full glory and enjoy bathing in the gushing waters.

How to Reach

Since the spot is a famous tourist location, there are plenty of options to reach the area. There are buses available from the East Fort bus stand while cabs and auto rickshaws are other means of reaching the location. Trivandrum is well connected to the rest of the country as it has a railway station and an international airport which are located at about 15 kilometers and 25 kilometers away from the Aruvikkara Dam respectively. Once we reach Trivandrum, the dam is just a little distance away making it easily reachable.

Interesting Facts and Trivia About Aruvikkara Dam

  • The water stored in the dam is used to look into the needs of the city of Trivandrum.
  • The headquarters of the Wellington Water Distribution Project is located here.
  • There are government guest houses for visitors to stay during their visit to the dam.
  • The prime attraction of the region is the Aruvikkara Temple built for Goddess Durga which has a lot of devotees visiting the region.
Aruvikkara Dam Kovalam
Photo by Shishirdasika, CC BY-SA 4.0

Nearby Attractions

  • Atukkal Bhagavathy Temple
  • Sree Padmanabhasvamy Temple
  • Ayurveda Healing Ashram
  • Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple
  • Trivandrum Zoo

Nearby Restaurants

  • Ganesh Bhavan
  • Villa Maya
  • Ariya Niwas
  • Zam Zam
  • Indian Coffee House

With a rustic environment and a picturesque location, the Aruvikkara Dam has the most alluring ambience which opens our minds to the power and magnificence of nature.

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