5 Most Haunted Places in Kerala

Mysteries have always captivated our minds and India is one country where myths and spooky stories about odd events are not a rarity. Travelers are always looking for what has been unexplored and experiences that are filled with adrenaline rushes. When it comes to the southern tip of the country, the first name that strikes is Kerala, which is known for its labyrinthine canals, beaches, seafood and peaceful travel stories. But what most people are unaware of about God’s own country is that it has a few locations which are known for the mysteries that surround them. Here are the 5 Most Haunted Places in Kerala for travelers looking forward to some chill in the nerves.

1. Lakkidi Gateway, Wayanad

Wayanad district in Kerala witnesses flocks of trekkers who turn up in large numbers to explore the peaks and enjoy the soothing weather during peak tourist season. Lakkidi Gateway is a route through which you can pass the Tamarasseri pass which gives you the entry to the hilly district of Kerala, Wayanad. The place is known for its thick forests and cold temperatures. Lakkidi gateway remains the shortest route to cross Tamarasseri pass but it is unknown to many travelers. The people who know the route prefer not to use it because of the different haunting stories related to this place. A few of the locals know the route and the frightening stories associated with the place.

2. Bonacaud Bungalow, Trivandrum

Bonacaud Estate, Photo by Visakh wiki, CC BY-SA 3.0

In the capital city of Kerala lies the dilapidated and forgotten Bonacaud bungalow. The cottage has a very old construction and is supposed to have been built during the colonial era. Spread over the mystic hills, waterfalls and streams, the place gives you the perfect picture of the haunted and overlooked lodgings that you have always read about in horror stories. The broken windows, decrepit walls, and hangings are bound to stun your senses.

3. Sabarimala, Pathanamthitta

Sabarimala temple is a prominent pilgrim center in God’s own country. The place gets its name from Sabari, who was a tribal woman who offered fruits to Lord Rama during his exile. Situated in rugged terrains and mountains, the journey is an arduous one which demands a lot of determination and religious fervor from the devotees. Every year during the day of Makar Sankranthi, a glowing light becomes visible from the temple above the hilltop. The popular belief is that the Lord is showering his blessings on his devotees, while some say that the forest dwellers are lighting the light signaling something. The real mystery behind the Makar Jyoti remains veiled. Thousands of believers assemble at the shrine to witness this marvel every year.

4. Kariavattom, Trivandrum

Technopark, Photo by Ajithpithu, CC BY-SA 3.0

Although Technopark is the IT hub of Kerala where several multinational giants have their offices, Kariavattom campus road from Technopark back gate is the location where several enigmatic rumors have been reported. The place gets hushed at night and a walk through the campus is a daring journey. Many stories have been described by passengers about odd happenings taking place here. The noises and squeals that break the silence will give you chills and thrills.

5. Trichur Forests

Athirappalli Waterfalls, Thrissur, Photo by Pranchiyettan, CC BY-SA 3.0

Located in the central Kerala region, the Trichur forests are known for their vivid and beautiful wildlife, waterfalls and trees. Filled with enchanting locations, this is the perfect place for nature lovers and trekkers. It is a popular spot where a lot of Bollywood movies are shot. But all this fades away as the sun sets and the place has a totally different tone as the sunlight fails. The cold chilly nights here are long and frightening and may seem like a never ending ordeal.

For travelers who are looking for that extra mile and an  experience of a kind, a trip to one of these haunted places will be appropriate. After all, there is nothing more satisfying than unveiling the secrets and obscurities of creepy places and getting past your fear. To get the best experience out of the journey, talk to the locals as they will have the detailed stories regarding the events and happenings of the place. If you want to embark on a different trail along God’s own country, then this expedition is the one.

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