The Ridge, Shimla

At the center of Shimla is the Ridge, which offers spectacular views of the mountain peaks of the land. The Ridge is a spacious open space that runs from east to west along the Mall, which is yet another famous tourist destination. It connects to the Scandal point on the west. If you love the view of mountains, this is your dream destination. The marvelous view of snow-clad mountain ranges spellbinds you. The mountains apart, you get to view Christ Church, an ancient church that displays the power of Neo-Gothic architectural brilliance and Tudor Library, another popular attraction. You also get to have an excellent view of the Mall located beneath the Ridge.

Photo by  sharma, CC BY 2.0 

It is a great place if you want to walk in the cool weather. Since vehicles are not permitted here, you can feel oneness with nature with no intrusions in the form of modern day creations. You can have a perfect sunset view from The Ridge, a sight that could make you speechless. This is where the famous Summer Festival is conducted every year. If you happen to be here during Summer festival, you stand to enjoy the privilege of viewing folk dances. Winter sports are conducted here as well. Ice skating is organized between December and February. The reservoir present here is the source of water for Shimla.

From the Ridge, you have access to a few important landmarks in Shimla. One such place is Lakkar Bazaar, a famous market that sells a wide range of wooden crafts. The Ridge itself is famous for shopping. You will find boutiques, restaurants and cafes on the sides of the road.

The statues of Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and the first chief minister of Himachal Pradesh, Dr. Y.S. Parmar are seen here.

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