Chadwick Falls, Shimla

Situated 7 kms from Shimla and falling from an altitude of 1586 meters, Chadwick Falls is amongst the major attractions in the land. It is also easily accessible from Summer Hill. If you love walking, you will find the 45-minute walk to Chadwick Falls from Summer Hill to be enchanting. The waterfalls look captivating with dense green forests, deodar and pine trees around it. It is the source of water to the forest area in Shimla. The water flows with amazing speed and you will love the sight of the waterfalls. After monsoon season, the water level increases and the falls look stunningly sparkling.

With nature at its best, the serene atmosphere elevates your mind to a higher plane. The water is cool and refreshing. The breeze soothes your soul and the tranquility invites you to feel oneness with nature. Nature lovers would love the path that leads to Chadwick Hills, as there is lush greenery all around.

The name of the falls has an interesting story behind it. It seems that in local dialect, the fall was called Chidku Jhaal. The term ‘chidku’ refers to sparrows and ‘jhaal’ refers to falls. It was called thus because considering the height of the falls, people believed only sparrows could fly that high and hence started calling it Chidku Jhaal, which later was called Chadwick Falls in English.

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