The Best Time to Visit Shimla

If you go online looking for a list of Indian tourist Meccas, chances are that Shimla crops up towards the head of your search page-that’s how popular it is. And not without good reason, of course not. If you want to look out of your window one fine morning and feel like you’ve been transported to the Russia of the year Christmas was invented, you have booked tickets to the right place. Or maybe you’re the one looking for spirits soaring in daily life and adrenaline kept flowing through your veins on vacation? This is your place too, then. The popular seasons for tourism depend on what you went looking for, though March-June finds an abundance of takers.

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MonthsConditionsOur Recommendation
March to JunePerfect and pleasing climate. One can enjoy the outdoor sports.Popular Tourist Season
October to FebruaryWinter Snowfall, perfect for honeymooners and adventure lovers.Ideal Time


July to SeptemberHeavy rainfalls due to which landslides occur at times, so it’s less favoured.Off Season


in Shimla is actually quite cold, temperatures comparing well to winters in a lot of Indian cities. There’s heavy rains, bringing down temperatures quite drastically.The Internet says Shimla remains somewhat hot and humid in summer, but I say that’s not true-have you seen how the average temperature range compares to other Indian cities? Its pleasantly warm at best. And here’s more evidence against it being uncomfortably hot-there’s early snowfall some rare times in the Shimla summer.

Winters in Shimla are the real deal. This is what tourists come to see. Temperatures drop like stock prices, the lowest reaching well into negatives-its literally freezing out there. While here, you won’t feel like you’re anywhere near the tropics-make sure to carry your woollens because they’ll be your best friend while you watch the lovely snow fall.

How to Reach Shimla

Shimla can be reached by about any conceivable transportation means. One can catch flights to and from Jubarhati, the nearest airport. One can take luxury or otherwise buses keeping in mind the well connected road stretch. One can arrive by rail, the nearest railway station being Kalla. Lastly, one can very conveniently drive themselves to Shimla, it being located right off National Highways.

Shimla India
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What to Do and See in Shimla

  • Jakhoo

This point is famous for architecture, also it looks like a gingerbread house.

  • Rashtrapati Niwas

This is famous for architecture, history and also houses botanical gardens.

  • The Ridge, Shimla

A famous historical point.

  • Christ Church

An ode to Christian religion, beautiful, and responsible for the Christmas-y feel.

  • Mall Road

A famous shopping district.

  • Scandal Point

The tourist spot with a spicy backstory, featuring an English lady who had allegedly run off with a native gentleman at this place.

Shimla is one of the prettiest tourist destinations India has to offer, combining fairytale feel and visuals. Fascinating history, adventure sport and souvenir shopping with aplomb. And who can forget the chief attraction, snowfall which covers everything under a blanket of white? Indeed, book your timings well, and this will be one vacation you’ll never forget.

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