Naldehra and Shaily Peak, Shimla

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: Admiration of nature, Photography, Seeking Experience
  • Entrance Fee: No entry fee, Rs.100-Rs.150 for the pony rides.
  • Visiting Time: Sunrise to Sunset
  • Visit Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Shaily Peak in Naldehra Hill station, combines splendid greenery with a magical climate, a match made in heaven. The beautiful view from the top of the hill will make the long and challenging trek worth it. The trek crosses densely covered forests, a beautiful experience in itself. The lush greenery and an expansive landscape will open up your senses to an unprecedented worldview, perfect to make your trip an unforgettable one. The climb to the top is a steep one, though worthwhile. The Shaily peak is a popular attraction in Shimla and will surely be one of the most memorable highlight of your trip.

Naldehra Hill
Photo by Ashish Gautam, CC BY 2.0

Traveller Tips

  • If you are not keen on trekking a rocky trail, you can opt for a pony ride or via a motorable track.
  • Be sure to pack adequate food and water if you plan to undertake the long yet gorgeous trek.
  • Visit the spot before sunrise or sunset to be able to capture nature’s spectacular shows right before your eyes.

Things to Do

  • Trek along the path leading up to the peak, marked with serenity and green beauty.
  • Be sure to try a horse ride for a whole lot of fun.
  • Watch the gorgeous sunrise and sunset from the top of the peak, the perfect reward for your hard work to tread along the steep trek.
  • A lovely golf course nearby, will compel you to pick up the golf stick and do a hole in one!

Best Time to Visit

Shimla remains spectacularly pleasant during all seasons. Therefore, you can visit it throughout the year to enjoy a lovely time. However, to have glorious views of the green valley from the very top of Shaily’s peak, best time to visit would be during the summers, when the hills are not covered with snow. Summer season would be the ideal time to escape the heat and enter the high altitude cool climate of Shaily’s peak.

Photo by Adam Jones, CC BY 2.0

How to Reach

Shaily’s peak can be reached via a mesmerizing trek, 23km long from the Naldehra hills, near the Mahakali Lake. The place is well connected via local transport, although most people prefer to enjoy the splendid horse ride to reach the top, by paying a nominal fee. From the base of Khatnol, the top of the peak is a mere 8km away.

Interesting Facts and Trivia About Shaily Peak in Naldehra

  • Lord Curzon, upon gazing at the pristine beauty of the hills, built an entire golf course here, to play his matches in the lovely setting of Naldehra.

Nearby Attractions

  • Craignano
  • Kogi Village
  • Mahakali Temple
  • Tattpani
  • Crispins Church

Nearby Restaurants

  • HPTDC’s Hotel Golf Glade
  • The Chalets Naldehra
  • Satvik Bhojan Bhandar
  • Honey Hut
  • Gables Hotel
  • Himani Restaurant
  • Alfa Restaurant
  • Davicos Restaurant

Shaily’s peak in Naldehra, Shimla offers a picturesque location that fulfils all your desires, for a quiet, mesmeric and soothing hill top. The heavenly view from the top is earned, through an arduous climb that is theoretically challenging but soon becomes a blessing in disguise as you wander through the thick forests and the green shrubs, the journey is itself lively and rewarding. Make the most of your trip by also trying the pony rides available here, helping you get to the top all fresh and relaxed. Be sure to catch the sunrise or the sunset, from the Shaily’s peak, for a once in a lifetime opportunity. The golden hues colour the hill’s browns and make it the most vibrant scenery you ever witness.

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