10 Heavenly Resorts in Shimla

One of the most popular and quaint hill stations of North India, Shimla provides a delightful retreat for all its visitors. Be it the famous Mall Road, the perched trees on steep valleys, the sky-scraping mountains or the fresh hilly air, Shimla is a hub for all things nature. Due to recent advancements in infrastructure and owing to its ever-growing popularity, the hill station remains brimming with tourists, keeping the spirit of these hills always lively. Driving over the slithering routes and enjoying the new angle from which to view the same hills is a pleasure that is derived by its tourists.

A stay in Shimla is multiplied in its serenity by sojourning at their majestic resorts. Each resort offers to its guests the very best of Shimla. Enjoy the soothing sights of Shimla from your windows and slumber at any one of these heavenly resorts.

1. Snow Valley Resort

Snow Valley Resort
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One of the best resorts in Shimla, the Snow Valley Retreat is the perfect combination of great views and humbling services. The resort’s multi-cuisine restaurant is famous for dishing out some extravagant food for its guests. Decked with beautiful interiors, the resort is a complete package of hospitality, luxury and scenic sights.

2. Shimla Havens

Shimla Havens
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An estate of beauty and peace, Shimla Havens beautifully captures the heavenly features of Shimla both in its architecture and its name. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, that are further encompassed by lofty mountains, the resort is a humble abode for you to forget all your worries. The fragrant pine trees and the comfortable rooms will surely make your stay in Shimla a cherished one.

3. Zurich Resort

 Zurich Resort
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Perched at an altitude of 4700m, the Zurich Resort will make you taste the clean skies of Shimla. A hill top resort, it offers a true hill treat to your tired city soul. Apart from providing spacious rooms, the resort also offers guided nature walks in the pristine routes of Shimla, free of cost.

4. Royal Shimla

Royal Shimla
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Retaining the old-world charm of the colonial era, Royal Shimla is a cozy resort nestled in the beautiful hills of Shimla. The regal interiors and the majestic rooms are enough to bring joy to your heart. The resort also provides state of the art spa and gym facilities for you to truly unwind in the lap of luxury and nature.

5. Flag House Resort

Flag House Resort
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The Flag House Resort is an exquisite retreat for you to breathe in the freshness and wilderness of Shimla. The commodious suites and hospitable staff will make you remember each moment spent in the warmth of this resort. Look out of your window and gaze at the gigantic mountains and the beauty of the deodars and pine trees.

6. Woodsmoke Resort & Spa

Woodsmoke Resort & Spa
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An ideal winter resort, the Woodsmoke Resort & Spa will leave you in awe of its essence. The rooms are complete with wooden flooring and stone walls that give it an old-world charm that is so typical of hill station resorts. Apart from its lovely interiors, the resort also offers a spa, an indoor-games parlour and a world-class restaurant.

7. Club Mahindra Mashobra

Club Mahindra Mashobra
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Heart-warming food, spacious rooms and well-maintained lawns, Club Mahindra Mashobra stands at par to your standards of class and elegance. The resort offers wondrous views of the great hills of Shimla from every part of its property. Club Mahindra Mashobra will tempt you to remain cozy in their rooms and enjoy the joy that comes from a vacation on the hills.

8. Koti Resort

Koti Resort
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Embraced by lovely apple orchards, Koti Resort is an intimate retreat nestled in the hills of Shimla. The extravagant interiors of the resort gracefully complement the serenity of the place. The resort also has sun decks where you can enjoy the delicately prepared meals by the resort’s cooks, basking in the sun and the beauty of the mountains.

9. British Resort

British Resort
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Built with the intricacies of British architecture, the British Resort is an elegant edifice with all the modern-day amenities incorporated in its historic aura. The wooden floors and warm fireplaces will ignite your love for hill stations and their pleasant, cool climate. Head on over to this delightful and quaint resort for a memorable stay in Shimla!

10. Krish Rauni Resort

Krish Rauni Resort
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The Krish Rauni Resort will make you experience the true meaning of “home away from home.” With luxurious rooms overlooking some breathtaking scenery, your stay at this resort is bound to be one of happiness and delight. The incredible terrace, with umbrella-topped seats is the perfect place to sit and take in the mesmerising beauty of the entire valley. Make the most of your time in Shimla by enjoying the hint of apple in the air coming from the apple orchards near the resort!

Say goodbye to your routine life and hello to the exciting adventures that await in Shimla. Charge yourself up at these relaxing resorts for a truly surreal experience in Shimla’s serene hills.

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