Top 10 Adventure Sports to Experience in Manali

Manali is a stunning hill station situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of about 2040 meters. Highly famous all over the country for its picturesque locations and adrenaline-rushing adventure activities, Manali attracts a large number of nature and sports enthusiasts from every nook and corner of the country. Let’s look at some of the best adventure activities in Manali to take up and get that adrenaline pumping in our system.

1. Zorbing

Photo by Aman Gupta, CC BY-SA 3.0

A one of a kind experience is what is guaranteed by this gripping activity. In this sport, two players are made to sit in a smaller orb inside an enormous inflated ball and are rolled along the slope of a hillside in the Solang Valley. Apart from when it snows, Zorbing is available throughout the year and is a prime attraction of the region for people looking to have a riveting experience.

2. Paragliding

Photo by Raman Virdi, CC BY 2.0

This arousing experience offered in the Solang Valley, lets you fly like a free bird over those smooth snow-capped mountains and azure lush streams. Paragliding is basically a blend of parachuting and gliding in which a person starts gliding after getting enough momentum while running down a slope. The experience of flying over such a scenic location is unique indeed.

3. Snow Trekking

Snow Trekking
Photo by Nishanth Jois, CC BY 2.0

Snow trekking and climbing those rocky slopes is no easy task and tests the limit of a person’s physical strength and mental endurance. But the beautiful journey while trudging through the roughness of Mother Nature, is one which offers a breathtaking view and can make a long-lasting mark on one’s self confidence and durability.

4. Rafting

Photo by Balaji Photography, CC BY-SA 2.0

Rafting is one of the most popular activities in Manali and is carried out with great zest by tourists looking to have a charged experience. Navigating the fury rapids and rowing against the turns of water can leave the person soul-stirred. Usually carried out by a group, rafting is an activity to be performed with great synchronization and helps in the growth of teamwork.

5. Skiing

Photo by Balaji Photography, CC BY-SA 2.0

The snow filled environment provides the perfect location to ski breezily down the snowy slopes with the wind gushing against your face. Dotted with some pine trees, the snowy slopes are generally smooth and are a long stretch of land which is perfect to ski for both amateurs and professionals alike.

6. Snow Scooter

The exhilarating feeling of taking in the beautiful expanse of scenery around the location, while driving through the snow on these rumbling pieces of machinery is one of breathlessness and passion. Riding on these Snow scooters for a stretch of up to 3 kilometers is guaranteed to be an undertaking of great fun.

7. Mountaineering

Climbing those jagged, rocky surfaces using just bare hands and feet is the ultimate ecstasy for adventure lovers. Scaling these huge boulders of stone in the regions of Also, Solang and Vashist is a task which requires a lot of persistence, and results in a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence once completed. Mountaineering is a feat that can be achieved only by the strong-hearted.

8. Kayaking

A sport which can be paced according to the environment, kayaking is famed in Manali for even beginners to start with. From kayaking in relatively calmer waters, to navigating vigorously through the fierce rapids, it is a great hair-raising experience in itself. The shiver of excitement as the kayak is controlled against the flow of water is one of extreme intoxication.

9. River Crossing

River Crossing
Photo by Kiran Jonnalagadda, CC BY-SA 2.0

A breathtakingly galvanizing venture is what the activity of River Crossing is. Sliding through the ropes which are tied across the gushing river is a task of great thrill and delight. This activity can be accessed at the Solang Valley, Club House and the Van Vihar and is definitely not to be missed out by anyone wanting to know how it feels to almost walk on water.

10. Biking

Photo by Jigme Bodh, CC BY-SA 2.5

Biking through the route passing in and around Manali is one which requires a lot of physical endurance and mental strength. Passing by picturesque locations like majestic waterfalls, towering mountains and lush greenery as we pedal away is an exciting and spirited experience to be felt by everyone visiting Manali at least once.

The mesmerizing location of Manali has become synchronous with adventure sports due to the plethora of options available to have the perfect soul-stirring holiday.

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