Vashist Hot Water Springs, Manali

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: springs, photography, scenic views
  • Entrance Fee: No entrance fee.
  • Visiting Time: It opens at 7AM in the morning and closes around 10PM (Daily)
  • Visit Duration: 30mins-1 hour

Himachal Pradesh is famous for her valleys as well as her springs of unparalleled quality. Beat the cold of Manali and spend some time in this enchanting hot water springs. Embrace the heat of this beautiful and pristine waters, set amidst the virgin valleys of the Vashist village and cradled by the beautiful Beas River, this spring is a must visit place in Manali.

Vashist Hot Water Springs
Vashisht Temple, Photo by Balajijagadesh, CC BY 3.0

Traveller Tips

  • Beware of Pick Pockets.
  • Be cautious on purchases. You might get ripped off.
  • Take an extra set of clothes. You will definitely get wet!
  • It’s important that you keep the place clean. Make sure you don’t leave your stuff behind.
  • Do not carry Plastic.

Things to Do   

  • Take a dip in the springs and let the water calm your nerves.
  • Trek to the scenic beauty of the lush valleys of Manali.
  • You can pay your respects at the Hadimba Temple devoted to Goddess Hadimba, the mother of Ghatotkacha
  • Spend some time in the pristine aura of the Manu Temple.

Availability of Guides

Manali teems with visitors every year. So, there is never a scarcity for guides and you can avail plenty of them from Manali and nearby places.

Best Time to Visit

Do I need to tell you the best time to visit this hot spring? Come on, it is gurgling waters! In the summers or in the winters Vashist Hot spring serves you well. But it tends to be a bit colder in the winters. Still it is a wonderful pick of the time.

How to Reach

This renowned hot spring village is a mere 3kms away from the town of Manali. You can easily trek to the place or if you are too lazy to walk then hire a rickshaw or a cab.

Interesting Facts and Trivia About Vashist Hot Water Springs

  • There are several legends associated with the springs of Vashist.
  • The village of Vashist is known for its several hot sulphuric springs.
  • One legend is that the spring was created for Sage Vashist by Lord Lakshman.
  • Another legend is that, sage Vashist upon hearing the sad news of the demise of his kin in the Mahabharata war, tried to drown himself in these springs.
  • The hot water springs of Vashist are a major source of fresh water in and around Manali.
  • Manali Tourism has installed separate tanks, reserved for women.
  • The temperature of the water edges around 40 to 50 degree Celsius.
  • Owing to the mythical origin of the spring, it is famed for its healing powers.

Nearby Attractions

Nearby Restaurants

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  • German Bakery
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  • Freedom Café

When you have had your share of the cold this is the perfect getaway for you. Everybody gets tired of the chills after a while and what more do you want than to indulge in a tub with hot waters soothing your nerves?

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