The Best Time to Visit Manali

If you are looking for the ultimate in diversity tourism in India, this is it. The culmination of all those awesome activities and views. The answer to your endless quest for the hilly spot where you can engage in both lake-viewing and forest-viewing. The realisation of all those dreams of shopping while staring down at a valley below. I tell you, Manali’s got it all. From forests to lakes, a mountain pass to shopping districts, skiing to making the perfect honeymoon opportunities, and of course the hills and rambling mountains. The popular tourist hotspots include Hidimba Devi Temple, Bhrigu Lake, Rohtang Pass, Manali Club House and Solang Valley among many others. Nice to know, the peak tourist seasons are during the winter months, January to December, what with the glorious snow falling, apart from which Manali can be paid a visit all the year round, except during monsoon in July through September.

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MonthsConditionsOur Recommendation
March to JunePleasant climate and pristine natural beauty around.Popular Tourist Season
September to February


Heavy snowfall during the winter months. Ideal time for skiing.Ideal Time


July to AugustHeavy rainfall, mostly not preferred by tourists.Off Season


Manali during summer is quite the adventure story. The temperature remains pleasantly warm during daytime, and enthusiasts, thrill seekers and the coolest can seek adrenaline pumping entertainment like paragliding, trekking and rafting. You can go places into the hills, and discover striking natural flora too.

Winter in Manali is for everyone out there who envied princesses in fairytales growing up. Lying sleepy decked in snow, white, its worth being here just for the scenic beauty. This makes it popular among honeymooners, and the snowfall, unusual in India, makes it a hit with tourists in general. That’s not to say there’s nothing for our adrenaline-hunting friends- you can always go skiing, you know.

Weather Conditions in Manali

Manali well deserves its reputations as a hill spot, in that it is cold by all standards.  The summers are cold enough in comparison to Indian geography, with pleasantly cool mornings and nights that get pretty cold. Monsoon in Manali is a risky affair, not because the temperature conditions get extreme but because there are often sudden natural disturbances like landslides, which have the potential to turn dangerous very soon. Now, winter in Manali is lovely, and Quite cold. But that’s just what we came seeking, right? There’s beautiful snowfall in December-January, very popular with tourists.

How to Reach Manali?

Manali can be reached in a number of ways. You can drive your own vehicle(s) through the convenient roadways with breathtaking mountain vistas, and can hire out available taxis if you aren’t a great driver. Manali can be reached easily by bus from major tourist spots like Leh and important cities like New Delhi. The airport closest to Manali is at Bhuntar, with domestic connectivity but slight unreliability due to weather conditions which are apt to change at short notice.

Manali India
Photo by confused_me, CC0 1.0

What to Do and See at Manali?

  • Hidimba Devi Temple

One of the noteworthy temples in the area with exquisite woodwork. It keeps rabbits’ visitors can spend time with in exchange for monetary transaction.

  • Rohtang Pass

Pass through the Himalayas connecting Kullu-Manali with Lahaul-Spiti. Danger sports like paragliding have opportunities here as well, and its popular among honeymooning couples.

  • Solang Valley

Adventure peeps, you hear me? This is where you launch into paragliding and rafting and trekking and whatnot.

  • Mall Road

Memoir of British rule of India, with a choice of hotels available. It provides shopping opportunities, with chief locations like Scandal Point and Gaiety Theatre, very interesting names.

  • Bhrigu Lake

Picturesque lake located near Gulaba village and the Rohtang Pass.

  • Great Himalayan National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site with significant contributions towards the conservation of biodiversity.

There’s no better vacation than one on whose completion you can say that you’ve paraglided as well as picked wildflowers, bought sweaters as well as been to a clubhouse, seen a valley as well as a lake, and clicked a DP with rabbits into the bargain! Indeed, what are you waiting for? Book that ticket to Manali for your next vacation and go on!

Hope you have the most fulfilling and enriching experience ever.

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