Top 10 Resorts in Manali

Perched at 6726 feet above the sea level in the Beas Valley is the lovely little hill station of Manali located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. A popular tourist spot, Manali is also the gateway to enchanted locations of India like Leh and Spiti. Home to less than ten thousand people, this valley is nestled in the green comfort of the Kullu Valley. Well connected to all the major cities, Manali is visited by large number of visitors throughout the year. Highlighted out here are the ten best resorts here that will greatly improve your holiday experience in this lovely city.

1. Span Resort and Spa

Span Resort and Spa
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One of the most popular and best luxury resorts in Manali is the Span Resort and Spa located a mere 14 kilometres from the main part of the city. Built majestically, the resort is situated in a site that ensures a quiet time for its visitors amidst the glory of nature. Adventure activities are offered here at the resort like trekking, fishing, horse riding, river rafting and paragliding. Additional service includes a fantastic spa, indoor and outdoor games etc.

2. Shivadya Resort

Shivadya Resort
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The rustic and lovely resort encompassed by the green covered hills on all sides makes Shivadya Resort one of its kind. Situated in the region of Karjan, the panoramic views offered at this site are breath-taking as are the range of facilities provided here. Glorious views of the valley from here will leave you spellbound. Myriads of amenities provided by this resort guarantee a most comfortable and delightful stay.

3. Solang Valley Resort

Solang Valley Resort
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The location of Solang Valley Resort at an altitude of nearly 8500 feet surrounded by a dense forest cover, undulating mountain ranges and meandering rivers makes this a sight for sore eyes. Dazzling in all seasons, the resort’s perfect location induces a calm the minute you enter it. The backdrop of snowy peaks helps you unwind amidst the apple and pinewood trees. Fully equipped with a skating rink, gym, spa, open air restaurant and barbecue, shopping complex etc. makes your holiday a most thrilling one. The resort also offers its visitors an opportunity to take part in various adventure activities like paragliding, skiing, rafting etc.

4. Manuallaya Resort

Manuallaya Resort
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Blanketed by stunning amounts of snow and glimpses of distant Himalayan peaks makes Manuallaya Resort an ideal romantic destination. While the surroundings do most of the work of making your holiday a fun-filled one, the resort offers facilities like spa, gym, Jacuzzi and various other sports adventures to liven it up. Restaurant, bar, steam and sauna, ice rink etc. are some great amenities at your disposal here.

5. Apple Country Resort

Apple Country Resort
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Offering a tremendous view of the valley, Apple Country Resort is perched high above amidst the green and white shades of the mountains. Enveloped by snow and pine trees from all sides, the atmosphere at this resort is always tranquil and provides a perfectly rejuvenating experience. Rooms are decorated tastefully and in a simple manner. The resort combines simplicity with elegance and delivers with a friendly service.

6. White Meadows Resorts

White Meadows Resorts
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Completely nestled in the mountains as the Beas river flows by, White Meadows Resorts is situated about 5 kilometres from the main part of the city. Designed to provide comfort with a luxurious and rich experience, the resort offers rooms that are magnificent and caters to all your needs and desires. Equipped with a spa, bar, lounge, games etc., the White Meadows Resort also provides a chance to immerse oneself in exciting activities like rock climbing, skiing etc.

7. Hotel River Crescent

Hotel River Crescent
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Splendidly decorated, lavishly furnished, the Hotel River Crescent located amidst apple orchards in the mountains is a great place to spend time with your loved ones. Experience nature in the raw wilderness from within the resort, as the river meanders past you, tall trees provide abode to the sweetest chirping birds, a thousand shades of green of the forest that envelope you in all directions. Mountain biking, rafting, trekking, skiing etc. are some of the adventures you can sign up for while here.

8. Hotel Manali Inn

Hotel Manali Inn
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A skyscraper amongst the resorts, Hotel Manali Inn is where you must head should you wish to experience a cozy and almost royal stay. Situated close to the Beas river, this luxury resort takes care of all your wishes and comforts. Offering perfect panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, the resort will make you want to visit Manali just to stay here.

9. Quality Inn River Country Resort

Quality Inn River Country Resort
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The wooden cottages of Quality Inn River Country Resort are so cozy and nice that you’ll never want to leave. Decorated in a manner that will feel home to you, these comforts filled little palaces are ideal to relax in the peaceful weather of Manali. Pinewood and Cedars make for a gorgeous sight from this resort. One can also glimpse the river Beas from here as it sparkles by. Offering a wide range of facilities, the resort will make for a wonderful option to stay in Manali.

10. Banon Resorts

Banon Resorts
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Another luxurious comfort is offered by the Banon Resorts in these breath-taking mountains. Built specifically to cater to the comfort of a traveller, the suites are equipped with all amenities as well as balconies that not only provide great views but good ventilation to all your rooms filling them up with clean and fresh mountainous air.

Nothing left but to pack up and take off to Manali to stay at one of the above beauties.

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