Top 5 Things to Do in Kolkata

Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal, is the metropolitan city of said state that is not only an architectural brilliance but also an interesting location in itself. The city used to be the capital of British India, and was the introduction of the East India Trading Post. Boasting the tomb of the great Mother Teresa, Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta) also consists of the famous art of the British times and charismatic displays of its rich culture through the medium of festivals.

Popular tourist spots like Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum, Howrah Bridge, Kalighat Kali Temple, and Science City etc. are few of the many attractions of Kolkata. Let us have a look at a few things to do in Kolkata.

1. Admire the Marble Palace

Photo by Stefan Krasowski, CC BY 2.0

This palatial edifice is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Kolkata. The palace is probably the most graceful and well-designed buildings of the city since the nineteenth century, and has been preserved in terms of cleanliness up till now, making it a very interesting and elegant a sight.

The intricate carvings and built of the marble walls and floors are what make this house so charming and captivating. It was created by Raja Rajendra Mullick, and it stands as an example of traditional Bengali and Neoclassic architecture, making it a popular tourist location. Victorian Furniture, famous art, clocks, chandeliers, floor to ceiling mirrors etc. are the main attractions of this marble palace.

2. Trip to Science City

Photo by McKay Savage, CC BY 2.0

It does not matter whether or not you’re a science enthusiast. Science City will surely demand your attention. This fascinating place is the largest of Science Centres in India, consisting of daily and weekly shows and attractions like Illusion, Powers of Ten, Fresh Water Aquarium, Live Butterfly enclave, Earth Exploration Hall, Dynamotion Hall, Evolution Park, Space Odyssey, 3D vision theatre, mirror magic and time machine, among many other such interesting attractions. Every tourist must pay a visit to Science City at least once, for it truly is a majestic creation.

3. Fun at Nicco Park

Photo by Biswarup Ganguly, CC BY-SA 3.0

Known as the Disneyland of West Bengal, Nicco Park in Kolkata is a most adventurous theme park that can provide your family and friends a fun day. It is situated in Salt Lake City, and was opened in the year 1991. With many interesting rides and attractions for kids as well as adults, though it is mainly a kids’ amusement and theme park, Nicco Park is a very enjoyable experience.

Tourists visiting Kolkata have always made it a point to visit this amusement park with their friends and family, providing the most adventurous day in their trip. Alongside fun and enjoyment, Nicco Park also aims at the education of young people. Kids can not only have fun but also learn a thing or two while visiting all the attractions of this park.

4. Walk at South Park Street Cemetery

Park mension at park street, Photo by Kolkatan, CC BY-SA 3.0

Situated in Mother Teresa Sarani, the South Park Street Cemetery is famous for being one of the oldest churchless cemeteries of the world, and the largest Christian cemetery outside places like America and Europe. The tombstones are quite interesting to read, and are also created finely.

The atmosphere of the cemetery is very calm and serene, giving visitors a peaceful feeling while taking a walk. The area is surrounded entirely with tall trees and marsh that gives the cemetery architecture the added tranquil atmosphere. Taking a walk through this cemetery has proven to be essentially calming.

5. Adventure at Sundarban

Photo by Joydip Roy, CC BY 2.0

Possibly the most popular sight of West Bengal is the Sundarbans. These woods are the home of the magnificent Indian Bengal Tiger, the sight of whom is certainly perfect to round off the trip.

The Sundarban National Park is truly a compelling trip to embark upon, complete with the densest and most enticing mangroves amidst the serene fresh water swamps of the forests. Visiting any region of West Bengal and not taking the opportunity of going to the Sundarbans would be missing out on one of the most beautiful natural treasures of India.

Kolkata truly is the Paris of the East, and the number of brilliant locations are capable of leaving a tourist coming back for more in time!

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