Top 6 Places to Visit in Bankura

A fantasy of an all-pervading peace, a wonderment from nature. Such is the magnificent world of Bankura, a quaint town in the state of West Bengal. Bankura, a city laden with temples, hills, art and culture finds its space in the travel diaries of a true wanderer. Away from the noise and franticness of the concrete jungles, Bankura soothes your mind and your soul through its expansive greenery, forests, temples and fairs. Apart from its natural glory, the place also has a rich historical component to it that serve as important tourist attractions. Flanked by glistening rivers and a tranquil nature, Bankura offers complete joy, excitement and hospitality to its visitors. Visit these top 6 destinations in Bankura for a spellbinding experience of the electric East India.

1. Jhilmili

For a rejoicing autumn or spring afternoon, spent in the cozy warmth of dense forests, Jhilmili is the perfect place to experience the joys of nature. An exquisite tourist attraction, Jhilmili is located just a few kilometers away from Bankura. The forested area provides for a good recreation, a pleasant environment for families and couples. The forest has a variety of flora and fauna, which will keep you enchanted through a combination of vibrancy and colour. A watchtower located nearby offers an aerial view of the entire forests, a truly flawless experience.  Make the most of your trip in Bankura by travelling to Jhilmili, and enjoying a relaxed and lazy picnic by the banks of Kangsabati River; its trickling waters soothing your senses.

2. Gokul Chand Temple

Gokul Chand Temple
Photo by Avishekbiswas, CC BY-SA 3.0

A fort- temple, serving the purposes of spirituality as well as historic exploration, Gokul Chand Temple is a major attraction in Bankura. One of the few stone temples in West Bengal, the Gokul Chand temple is a grand, 64 feet high edifice, radiating piety and peace proportional to its physical grandeur. The temple is in the protective care of a high wall that gives the impression of fortification. The place is thronged by religious tourists all year round, who visit the temple to maintain harmony of mind and also witness the glorious high walls surrounding the temple.

3. Biharinath Hill

Biharinath Hill
Photo by Subhajit1, Public Domain

Acclaimed for its charming atmosphere, the Biharinath Hill is also the tallest peak in the district of Bankura. A veritable spot for trekking, the hill was once an important center for Jainism. The hill thus has a Biharinath temple too, built with traditional Jain architecture. The hill offers a splendid view of the natural beauty of the place, a bird’s eye view that would otherwise be difficult to capture on low-lying terrains. Many tourists visit the hill for an exhilarating trekking experience or to visit the ancient Jain temple and achieve solace and peace of mind. The hill is situated near to the Damodar River that enhances the allure of the place and etches a pictographic scenery in the eyes of your mind forever.

4. Bishnupur

Photo by Amartya Bag, CC BY-SA 2.0

The land of terracotta temples and a lively culture, Bishnupur is located a few kilometers away from Bankura. The place is famous for its rich art and culture, especially the melodious music of the locals. Besides the musical intelligence of Bishnupur, its artistic streak doesn’t seem to stop there. Variety of beautiful handicrafts and painting are a specialty of Bishnupur. The Bishnupur Mela, held annually in the month of December is a can’t-miss sight for the lovers of art and music. A classical dance and music function is the star attraction of this fair. The place is also famous for its balucheri sarees. Visit the small but electrifying town of Bishnupur for an extravagant cultural experience.

5. Siddeshwar Temple

A temple revered more so for its architectural marvel, than anything else, Siddeshwar Temple in the Onda district of Bankura is an incredible piece of artwork. This temple built more than a thousand years ago, is still able to stand staunchly, radiating a tranquil holiness, couples with lessons from the past. The temple is nestled within the Susunia hills, a popular place to trek or rock climbing. Visit this exquisite temple for a spiritually beautifying experience.

6. Mukutmonipur

Photo by Paulsub, CC BY 3.0

The second largest earthen dam in India, Mukutmonipur is a tranquil and serene location to enjoy the gushing frothy waters, with a picturesque landscape. Built at the union place of two rivers, Kangsabati and Kumari, Mukutmonipur damn is a great feat of engineering at Bankura. A fascinating terrain awaits you at this damn, a place where you can enjoy a lovely time, simply gazing at the monumental dam and the accompanying natural beauty. The calmness of the rivers has a lullabying effect on the tourists that visit the dam, for spending some quality time in its company.

Bankura is the perfect place for any activity on a continuum ranging from adrenaline-pumping adventure to calming peace. A place to trek and forget your worries, or a place to pray and achieve spiritual solace, all can be enjoyed at Bankura. Visit this enchanting town in West Bengal and inhale a sense of contentment, along with the pure fresh air.

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