Top 5 Places To Visit In Kalimpong

Kalimpong is a small hill station situated in the northern part of Darjeeling district in West Bengal. This town is beautifully blessed with some of the most breath-taking mountains, gardens and lakes and is often regarded as a paradise for nature lovers. From unlimited adventure options, to mesmerizing views of the mountains with delicious local food, historical temples and monasteries, Kalimpong offers many tourist spots for the visitors. A significant number of tourists also visit this town, for its mouth-watering Chinese food and local merchandise, which are available on road side shops all over the city. It is often said that every building or monument of Kalimpong has got an interesting story attached with it and is backed with a rich history and culture. If you are planning to visit this unexplored town of Kalimpong, here are the top 5 places that you should have in your itinerary.

1. Deolo Hill

Often termed as the highest point of the town of Kalimpong, Deolo Hill is situated at a tremendous height of around 1700 m. The hills are accompanied by three reservoirs of fresh water that play an important role in fulfilling the water requirements of the town. Deolo Hills are popular for their height and for offering some of the most beautiful views of surrounding valleys, rivers and villages. The most captivating feature of this hill is the recreational park which is situated at the top of this hill. The hill also offers various adventure-sports that include paragliding and horse riding and trekking etc. thus attracting a large number of adventure enthusiasts.

2. Dr. Graham’s Home

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Dr. Graham’s home is situated on lower steep of Deolo Hills and is a major centre of education in Kalimpong. This place was established in the 1900s by Sir Anderson Graham of England and the entire complex is spread over an area of 550 acres. Dr. Graham’s house offers a significant number of vocational courses in farming, baking, dairy management, clothing, medication and poultry. It is a truly international institution and gets sponsored by various Non-Governmental organizations from all over the world. This place is important for understanding the educational background of this beautiful town and gets visited by a large number of tourists.

3. Kalimpong Cactus Nursery

Photo by shankar s., CC BY 2.0

Kalimpong Cactus Nursery houses some of the rarest varieties of cactus plants and orchids. This nursery is situated in an isolated part of this town and is surrounded by a thick network of trees and hills. A large number of tourists visit this place because of its beautiful location and pleasant weather, apart from cactus plants and orchids. The entire complex of this cactus nursery is surrounded by scenic views of hills and exotic colourful flowers.

4. Zong Dog Palri Fo Brang Gompa

Zong Dog Palri is an ancient Buddhist monastery which was built under the guidance of Dalai Lama in 1975. This monastery is located on the Durpin Hill and is also known as Durpin’s monastery. Today, Zong Dog Palri is regarded as a major religious centre among the followers of Buddhism and it houses close to 110 published texts on Buddhism. Amazing Buddhist architecture, sculptured walls, pillars and ancient paintings are some of the most attractive features of this monastery.

5. Crockety

Situated at a distance of around 50 km from the town of Darjeeling, Crockety is an ancient British cottage which was built during the colonial rule in India. This place is an architectural marvel and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful gardens and lush green lawns. It is one of those rare locations that receive tourists throughout the year, irrespective of the seasons. During the early 1900s, Crockety house used to function as a trade point and was a hub of wool merchants coming from various parts of the world. If you are a photography enthusiast or a nature lover, this place is a must visit for you.

Kalimpong can be aptly described as an overall destination as it caters to the demands of all sorts of tourists. Literature, mountains, hills, colonial buildings, adventure sports and monasteries are few of the most amazing features of this destination in West Bengal. This town is also blessed with some tremendous varieties of flora and fauna and receives a significant number of wildlife lovers. If you planning to visit Kalimpong make sure that you have the above mentioned places in your list, as they will give you the most memorable experience of this town.

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