Top 5 Museums in Kolkata

The Victoria Memorial

Even in today’s technological world, Museums are pivotal sites to take a look into the history of any particular city or a country. Kolkata, being an intellectual division of India’s freedom struggle and producing well-known writers and revolutionaries is a place filled copious museums to travel and glimpse into the rich history it boasts itself of. If you are visiting Kolkata, the city’s museums are just not to be missed. They are conserving the cultural and intellectual legacy of the state since decades and are important tourist attractions for those augmenting their knowledge about the history of India. Hence, let’s explore the best museums in the City of Joy and let ourselves be awed by the glorious heritage of Kolkata.

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Howrah

Howrah Bridge

Did you think West Bengal tourism referred only to the Victoria Memorial and the Birla Planetarium in the heart of Kolkata? Reconsider, my friend, reconsider. Howrah is a Kolkata suburb, and is by far the most memorable tourist experience a suburb has ever provided someone with. It has every convenience possible- it is well networked, it has a number of important tourist hotspots, is fairly modern and somehow still manages to remind one of the quaint town populations before WiFi arrived, in some ways. Howrah is a must visit for the experience if a lifetime, whether it is history, art or state of the art architecture you’re looking for. Its hot in summer and fairly rainy in the monsoon, so you’d do well to plan ahead and tailor your vacation.

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Asansol

Kalyaneswari Temple

If you’re in culture filled, literature oozing West Bengal, Asansol is definitely one place you should check out for a more integrated tourist experience. Because honestly, this place has something for every tourist that ever was. It has traditional temples, and modern day recreational parks. There are multiplexes, and also water conservation dams-it is that diverse. It is a preferred holiday destination of families and couples alike, and also much liked for educational tourism from institutions as well. As we now count down the top 5 places to go to while you’re here, it would be wise to remember that West Bengal is quite hot in summers and you might want to pick times of the year to make the most of your vacation.

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Sundarbans

Sunderbans National Park

West Bengal is a treasure trove for the tourist who loves a brush with the unconventional things of humdrum life from time to time. These include art and culture, the wilderness, and even history heritage walks-Bengal provides it all, whether at Shantiniketan, Sunderbans or Kolkata. … Read more

Top 5 Places to Visit in Shantiniketan

The Tagore House

Bengal, dear reader, is for those who love culture with hearts and souls. Because you see, it has got both aplenty. There is no dearth of art, and pioneered by none other than Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. And who can fail to know that Shantiniketan was this man’s haunt? From palatial buildings to open air universities, music and dance dens to museums, colourful Holi to colourful flea markets, this destination attracts families, schools on excursion, and honeymooners alike, all through the year peaking at certain times. If you want to experience the joy of life as art gives it, you should hear Shantiniketan calling out your name by now. Following are the 5 best places to visit here.

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Bakkhali

Henry's Island

When it becomes hard to recall the last time you experienced the feelings of relaxation, contentment and bliss, it becomes important to do a little soul searching. And Bakkhali in the gorgeous state of West Bengal is the ideal place for such contemplation. A beautiful, untouched and pristine town, Bakkhali remains largely unexplored by tourists. Owing to the luxury of solitude it provides, all tourist spots in Bakkhali are touched by an aura of calmness. Bakkhali helps its visitors appreciate the little joys in life; the rhythmic ups and downs of the waves, the gushing sounds they generate, the sun rays dancing over the sea’s horizon at sun set and the sheer diversity of flora on Earth. For a completely new experience in your next holiday getaway, be sure to visit Bakkhali. Head straight to these 5 serene spots in this beach town to discover for yourself the therapeutic effects of Bakkhali.

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Durgapur

Troinka Park

If you’re looking to taste the traditions of India but are too attached to the modern comforts, Durgapur is the right place for you. Situated in the lively state of West Bengal, Durgapur is a beautiful town that satisfies your spiritual and aesthetic needs, and even provides you with options to splurge on handicrafts or adventure park rides! And the delectable cuisine of the place will take your taste buds on a ride of their own. Be sure to visit the following major tourist attractions of Durgapur to fully experience the wonderment of the place.

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Gokarna

Hazarduari Palace

Gokarna is a small village in the district of Murshidabad in West Bengal. Bringing in the rustic sense of living with it, the village is a beautiful place to visit for any traveller looking to explore the unexplored in India. There are a number of special attractions located around Gokarna village, which will be a source of constant joy, as long as your stay lasts. The places offer spiritual solace, aesthetic happiness and natural beauty to its visitors. These places are important landmarks of India’ pre-colonial history, and shed light to India’s glorious past. Emphasising the simple things in life and their eternal beauty, Gokarna village is a glimmer of serenity in this fast-paced world. All of its tourist attractions help the visitors reconnect to this hope.

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Digha

Shankarpur Beach

For a vacation that is marked by snapshots of scenic beaches, tall palm trees, exquisite temples and some beautiful flora and fauna, head to the lively beach town of Digha in West Bengal. Largely untouched by commercial exploitation, here is a place where you can experience the joys of human life. Soak in the warm waves and bathe in the golden sun, Digha’s beaches will leave you rejuvenated at their mere sight. The sweet smell of coconut trees will invade your senses and leave you refreshed. And the temple bells will create a melodious symphony in your ears. If that is not enough, enjoy unprecedented sights of ocean’s sea creatures at India’s largest aquarium. If your stay at Digha can be summed up in one word, it is ‘magical.’ Feel the magic in these top 5 tourist attractions at Digha and have the most beautiful beach vacation of your life.

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Sandakphu


The highest peak in West Bengal, offering majestic views of the Kanchenjunga range from its unprecedented height, Sandakphu is a trekker’s paradise. Providing the most fitting trekking opportunities, all attractions in and near Sandakphu are centered on this in-demand adventure sport. Besides this activity, the divinity of Sandakphu’s snow-clad mountains attracts people to its terrains. Away from the routine life most people live in the metropolitans, Sandakphu offers a chance to embrace the simple, peaceful and joyous life of the hills. Untouched by human machinery, people revel in the quietude of these high peaks; unattainable and undisturbed. Enjoy the panoramic views Sandakphu provides of the very best that nature has to offer, including towering mountains, colorful orchids and the mystical temperate forests.

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