Top 5 Places to Visit in Rimbik

Trek to Sandakphu

Move over the tried and tested and enter into the realm of the unknown, turning out to be even better. Rimbik, is a small, remote but mesmerizing town in the state of West Bengal that will reconnect you to the hidden corners of India. The glorious mountain ranges, combined with the cool whispering winds and an exotic flora, Rimbik has it all under its star-studded night sky. Located in the Sangalila National Park, Rimbik is a gorgeous residential area that offers much more than a typical holiday destination. Being secluded and untouched, Rimbik offers its visitors the luxury of privacy, peace and calm. The main attraction in Rimbik is definitely its trekking trails, which are a paradise to any adventure junkie. 

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Kurseong


If the idea of being perched atop a hill station, with a fresh breeze flowing through your hair and a fresher scenery rolling in front of your eyes sounds appealing, head straight to Kurseong. Located en route to the charming Darjeeling, Kurseong is fast emerging as more than a pit stop to the celebrated hill station. Also, known as the Land of White Orchards, the rich fauna and flora of the place will keep you brimming with joy and awe. Offering a lavish environment, complete with aerial viewpoints, temples and tea gardens, Kurseong is the ultimate hill station getaway. For those looking for a peaceful hill stay, a scenic backdrop to their vacation pictures and some memorable moments, visit these 5 spots in the gorgeous Kurseong.

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Top 6 Places to Visit in Bankura


A fantasy of an all-pervading peace, a wonderment from nature. Such is the magnificent world of Bankura, a quaint town in the state of West Bengal. Bankura, a city laden with temples, hills, art and culture finds its space in the travel diaries of a true wanderer. Away from the noise and franticness of the concrete jungles, Bankura soothes your mind and your soul through its expansive greenery, forests, temples and fairs. Apart from its natural glory, the place also has a rich historical component to it that serve as important tourist attractions. Flanked by glistening rivers and a tranquil nature, Bankura offers complete joy, excitement and hospitality to its visitors. Visit these top 6 destinations in Bankura for a spellbinding experience of the electric East India.

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Top 15 Homestays in Darjeeling

Lamahatta Druk Homestay

When you hear Darjeeling, its vast tea plantations come before your eyes but Darjeeling offers much more that just tea. It is one of the most beautiful hill stations that have housed in itself rich culture, beautiful nature, high mountains, deep valleys and so on. Darjeeling is also renowned for its cultural and historical heritage. The best thing about Darjeeling is that it can be visited all the year round. In a place like Darjeeling with its cultural abundance, local customs, heritage and rich cuisine, rather than stay at hotels, it is best to choose homestay as you get to experience first-hand the local life and you get to see the beautiful Darjeeling like never before. Fortunately, there are many homestays in Darjeeling, some which have been there for years and some which are newly set up. Try these accommodations for a beautiful experience and some lifelong friendships.

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Mindapore


If you are a traveller at heart and cannot control yourself at the mere thought of unknown adventures, then Mindapore is the place to go. This quaint town in the riches of West Bengal is a wanderer’s delight in every sense of the term. Its landscapes and expansive vegetation are enhanced by the beautiful religious and cultural sites of this place. Added to this mix is the delectable cuisine of West Bengal, that is bound to make anyone’s mouth water. A place to relax in the midst of nature and be gleeful in the face of their colourful culture, Mendipur has everything that your heart years for in the hustle bustle of cities. The sheer number of attractions at this place will take out the traveller from the tourist in you, making you blissfully exhausted at the end of your trip. Visit these top 5 destinations in Mendipur to experience West Bengal like before.

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Top 10 Resorts in Kolkata

The Oberoi Grand

Endearingly popular as the City of Joy, Kolkata is well-known for its intellectuals, the mouth-watering food and its rich history plus the joyful celebrations of every festival here. With the fabulous Sundarbans to the culturally wonderful Maa Durga statues made here, Kolkata is splendidly beautiful to amaze you with its intellectual and artistic perfection as well. There are many retreats all around Kolkata where you can spend a day or two pondering over your journey here and finding the best resorts is what we are here for. Read on to find the best resorts in Kolkata where you can pamper yourself or take your family for a weekend getaway to absorb the intellectually marvelous aura of Kolkata.

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The Best Time to Visit Darjeeling


Darjeeling can well be referred to as the queen of West Bengal’s tourist destinations. For years and years, people from all over the world have been known to flock to this little enchanted hilly haven, to delight in its picture postcard scenes, surrounding mountain climbs, steaming momos, tea plantation, and generally mood-uplifting weather.

There’s quite something about returning from a day spent rambling in the hills to a plate of hot comfort food, tea and momos, indigenous to an area. And for a change, you could also go to suitable wildlife reservoirs to have a look at red pandas instead. And did I mention the toy train like railways and the famous Ghum monastery?

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Top 10 Popular Picnic Spots in Kolkata


A city still radiating the charm, wonder and the oppression of a perpetually haunting dominance of the British empire, Kolkata proudly serves as the cultural and the intellectual capital of the country. Depicted as a deteriorating site of decadents and poorest of the country in Hollywood movies, the city is actually a treasure trove of magnificent British era architecture, some of the best universities and institutes in the country and home to some very fine golf courses in India. This erstwhile capital of the British India, Kolkata or Calcutta is one of the most populated cities in the country.

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Top 10 Haunted Places in Kolkata

In India, there are stories which talk about mysterious happenings. Of course, the yesteryear stories of kings, queens and their curious lives too add to it. If you thought only villages have places that can be called haunted, then think again as even the metro cities have spooky places where many fear to tread. Kolkata is one such metro. On one side there are modern developments, but on the other, there are curious places with abundant supernatural stories that will leave a shudder inside you. Welcome the top 10 most haunted places in the city of Joy, Kolkata which will want you to call it the city of fear:

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Top 5 Historic Places and Monuments in Kolkata

Kolkata, famously known as the ‘City of Joy’, is not just another metro city, but has an important place in the history of India. It was the first capital of the British rulers when they had just started building their system of administration to empower their position in the country. The city has gone through multiple transformations industrially and culturally since its formation. In Kolkata you will find multiple places to tell the story of the British age. Here we discuss five historic places and monuments in Kolkata.

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