Top 15 Homestays in Darjeeling

When you hear Darjeeling, its vast tea plantations come before your eyes but Darjeeling offers much more that just tea. It is one of the most beautiful hill stations that have housed in itself rich culture, beautiful nature, high mountains, deep valleys and so on. Darjeeling is also renowned for its cultural and historical heritage. The best thing about Darjeeling is that it can be visited all the year round. In a place like Darjeeling with its cultural abundance, local customs, heritage and rich cuisine, rather than stay at hotels, it is best to choose homestay as you get to experience first-hand the local life and you get to see the beautiful Darjeeling like never before. Fortunately, there are many homestays in Darjeeling, some which have been there for years and some which are newly set up. Try these accommodations for a beautiful experience and some lifelong friendships.

Here are 15 of the most popular homestays in Darjeeling.  

1. Snow Lion Homestay

Snow Lion Homestay
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It is owned by a Tibetan family and is situated on Gandhi Road. Snow Lion Homestay gives a great view of the surroundings and there is terrace which can be used to relax and view the nature’s beauty. The rooms are comfortable and have a traditional yet modern feel to it with Italian tiles and wooden wall paneling. The guests can share the dining table with the hosts and only breakfast is served. But there are many restaurants and eateries closely where the guest can have great local and other cuisines.

2. Pahari Soul Homestay

Pahari Soul Homestay
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It is the right place for those who wish to enjoy a peaceful stay in the lap of nature. Located on the Hill Cart Road, which is just 3 km from Darjeeling town, the Pahari Soul Homestay is a beautiful building with private balconies. It is run by a kind woman who is very hospitable and helpful. The main attraction of the house is the splendid view of the Kanchenjunga Mountains. Home-made food is served here.

3. Nestle Homestay

Nestle Homestay
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It is a simple homestay but with incredible hosts who are known for their hospitality. Nestle Homestay is located near the lower town and is very close to many tourist attractions. The homestay is run by a retired couple who leave no stone unturned to make their guests feel at home. Guests will get a great view of the beautiful hills and also the entire town from the terrace and another reason to stay here is the delicious home cooked cuisine.

4. Happy Valley Homestay

Happy Valley Homestay
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Happy Valley homestay near the Lower town market area and is housed in a quiet and peaceful area. The host family stays in the top floor while the lower floors are for the guests. What is best here is to be able to see the local life in close quarters, enjoy local cuisine and also visit the famous tourist attractions that are very near-by.

5. Samir’s Homestay

Samir’s Homestay
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The owner’s name is Samir and hence the name. Samir’s Homestay location below Mall Road is its greatest USP as it is the best location of Darjeeling. There is a spacious open terrace which is the right place to get a splendid view of the neighboring Kanchenjunga Mountains. The rooms are cozy and have Wi-Fi facility. The hosts serve delicious breakfast but if you wish to learn local cuisine or try out a new recipe, the fully equipped kitchen is where you should head to.

6. Manebhanjan Homestay

Manebhanjan Homestay is a simple yet beautiful homestay and the host family of Keshav Gurung will ensure that you have a comfortable and happy stay. The host family also stays here, so you will get to know a lot about the local customs and culture. The rooms are cozy and with modern amenities. They will also help you out with sightseeing tours.

7. Singell Homestay

Singell Homestay
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One of the best homestay facilities in Darjeeling, Singell Homestay is located within the Singell Tea Estate, hence the name. It is located on a cliff and offers breathtaking views of the vast tea estate and the mountains. The rooms are simple but clean and beautiful. You can have the food with the hosts and getting to know more about the place and its culture. It is owned by Moktan family who will also organize different activities such as sightseeing tours, tea estate tours, tea tasting and so on.

8. Makaibari Tea Estate Homestay

This is yet another beautiful homestay in a tea estate. Many homes are available that have clean rooms and other facilities. Staying at the Makaibari Tea Estate Homestay offers you a great opportunity to live amidst nature, and to get to know about the cuisine, customs and culture of the village. The homestay is managed by the management of the tea estate.

9. Rodhi Ghar Homestay

Rodhi Ghar Homestay
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It is situated at Mirik, School Dara and is 48 km from Bagdogra Airport. It is a beautiful cottage located on a small hill top and surrounded by green trees and other plantations. Rodhi Ghar Homestay offers well-equipped rooms and is a great place to stay and enjoy the beautiful environs.

10. Cozy Nest Homestay

It offers a simple homestay experience but provides a homely and hospitable atmosphere which you will surely cherish. It is run by Wangchuck Paljor and his wife. Paljor is a Tibetan Buddhist. Cozy Nest Homestay is located at Gandhi Road and lies behind the Compuset Centre.

11. D’Pine Crest Homestay

A beautiful heritage house located on the Lebong Cart Road at Chauk Bazaar, the D’Pine Crest Homestay offers a memorable stay in this ancient building housed in the lap of nature. The house is more than 150 years old and looks as mesmerizing as it did years ago, the age-old charm of the house is the best reason to stay here. The wooden décor of the house keeps it warm even during winters. Different cuisines including Chinese and Nepali along with Indian, are available on request. The proximity to many tourist destinations is another advantage.

12. Lamahatta Druk Homestay

Lamahatta Druk Homestay
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Its location in the Lamahatta mountain village is one of the best reasons of staying in Lamahatta Druk Homestay. Another attraction is the option to either choose a tent house or a standard room, but both have basic amenities. It offers a serene atmosphere and gives visitors an opportunity to be away from the urban hustle bustle and to be in sync with nature.

13. Home Stay Little Singamari

Home Stay Little Singamari
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Located on Lebong Cart Road at North Point Singamari, the Home Stay Little Singamari is a beautiful home that overlooks the scenic tea gardens located in the Singatm Valley. It lies 2 km from Darjeeling town and hence is one of the best places to stay when one is on a tour to this beautiful place. The rooms are well-equipped and there is also an in-house café which serves delicious breakfast. Different activities such as treks, forest walks etc are also organized for the guests.

14. Jangbeer Daju Homestay

Jangbeer Daju Homestay is located on the Mineral Springs Community and its location on the foothills of the Himalayas makes it a beautiful place to stay in with amazing view of the surroundings. The owner, Jangbeer Chettri, is a farmer and cultivates oranges, vegetables and spices in his farm. So, to stay amidst orchards and vegetable gardens is a rejuvenating experience in itself. Guests can also get a peek into the sustainable farming methods adopted by Chettri who also organize other activities such as trekking, bushwalking and cycling for his guests.

15. Gurudongma Homestay

Gurudongma Homestay
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Located at Kalimpong which is home to many monasteries, the Gurudongma Homestay is for those who would like to stay in an experimental homestay. It is located on one of the highest points of the area and offers a panoramic view of the surroundings. Home cooked meals are provided which are derived from various cuisines including Western, Sikkimese, Nepali, Chinese and Indian. Some of the activities that can be enjoyed are sightseeing, camping, rafting, and also a heritage tour.

There are some places which are known for its beautiful destinations while some places are renowned for its history and culture. Darjeeling is a place that has both. That is why; a homestay is preferable as it gives you an opportunity to experience the place and its traditions.

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