Top 5 Places to Visit in Bakkhali

When it becomes hard to recall the last time you experienced the feelings of relaxation, contentment and bliss, it becomes important to do a little soul searching. And Bakkhali in the gorgeous state of West Bengal is the ideal place for such contemplation. A beautiful, untouched and pristine town, Bakkhali remains largely unexplored by tourists. Owing to the luxury of solitude it provides, all tourist spots in Bakkhali are touched by an aura of calmness. Bakkhali helps its visitors appreciate the little joys in life; the rhythmic ups and downs of the waves, the gushing sounds they generate, the sun rays dancing over the sea’s horizon at sun set and the sheer diversity of flora on Earth. For a completely new experience in your next holiday getaway, be sure to visit Bakkhali. Head straight to these 5 serene spots in this beach town to discover for yourself the therapeutic effects of Bakkhali.

1. Bakkhali Beach

Bakkhali Beach
Photo by eutrophication&hypoxia, CC BY 2.0

The one place that epitomises the serenity experienced at Bakkhali, is the Bakkhali Beach. The huge stretch of coastline offers hundreds of opportunities to redeem your pleasure from life. From the brown sand to the blue sea water, you can lay back or face the waves head on for a perfect day at the beach. The happiness derived from the view of lovely palm trees against a backdrop of the endless sea cannot be captured in a picture’s frame. It will only be experienced in your memory. Added to this natural beauty is the inventive of minimal disturbance from crowds. Bakkhali Beach is thus a beautiful tourist spot to experience rejuvenation of your senses.

2. Henry’s Island

Henry's Island
Photo by Moutushi.dasgupta, CC BY 3.0

An eternity of cherished memories, made in a few moments – such is the captivating hold of Henry’s Island, an island famous throughout the country for its unmatched beauty. The soft sands and the warm sea waves, combined with the solitude of the island, put Henry’s comfortably on the list of best holiday destinations. The island houses two exquisite and utterly luxurious resorts, where you can enjoy all the modern amenities, coupled with the simplicity of island life. The island makes provision for gazing at an aerial view of the islands, from a watchtower. Enjoy a remarkable stay at Henry’s island to experience the very best of Bakkhali.

3. Jambu Island

Adding another contribution to the luxury of solitude and peace that is achieved in Bakkhali, Jambu Island is a remote island situated a few kilometres off the main land. The place is famous for its fishing activities and that itself can be great fun to observe. Offering an out of the ordinary experience, Jambu Island makes visible the diversity in nature we so often miss out on. The island has naturally growing flora, vibrant and nourishing, that is displayed as if a landscape artist has curated the island’s design. Offering nature’s hidden treasures to your appreciative senses, Jambu Island is a great place to find some peace and quiet in your racing lives.

4. Bishhalakshmi Temple

The Bishhalakshmi Temple is a highly-revered Hindu temple that fulfils your religious needs. The lovely red stone temple and its golden bells strike an immediate cord with the culturally attuned traveller, due to its welcoming arches and its spiritual aura. The lush greenery, a warm embrace of canopied trees replenishes the temple with their goodness. A visit to the Bishhalakshmi Temple is a must as it is a hugely famous tourist site in Bakkhali. The temple serves as the perfect complex for a desire to spend a grateful day in reflection and gathering inner peace.

5. Crocodile Breeding Centre

For the jungle lover in you, Bakkhali has the perfect respite for you to satisfy your desires. The Crocodile Breeding Centre is a large shelter for these huge reptiles, offering tourists a chance to witness these dangerous creatures up front. The centre boats of housing many species of crocodiles, as well many life stages of them; from a harmless egg to a full-blown predator. The hard scales on these crawling giants will leave you in awe, as well as terror of the power of nature. Experience this unique zoo for crocodiles and have an enhances knowledge about these tremendous creatures.

Bakkhali is characterised by two things – solitude and tranquillity. An amazing array of adventures await you in this mesmerising land. Unexplored by many, these 5 attractions – and many more – beckon you to treat yourself to these dazzling wonders. Visit the lovely town of Bakkhali and be enamoured by its beauty.

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