Top 5 Places to Visit in Bakkhali

Henry's Island

When it becomes hard to recall the last time you experienced the feelings of relaxation, contentment and bliss, it becomes important to do a little soul searching. And Bakkhali in the gorgeous state of West Bengal is the ideal place for such contemplation. A beautiful, untouched and pristine town, Bakkhali remains largely unexplored by tourists. Owing to the luxury of solitude it provides, all tourist spots in Bakkhali are touched by an aura of calmness. Bakkhali helps its visitors appreciate the little joys in life; the rhythmic ups and downs of the waves, the gushing sounds they generate, the sun rays dancing over the sea’s horizon at sun set and the sheer diversity of flora on Earth. For a completely new experience in your next holiday getaway, be sure to visit Bakkhali. Head straight to these 5 serene spots in this beach town to discover for yourself the therapeutic effects of Bakkhali.

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