Top 5 Places to Visit in Sandakphu

The highest peak in West Bengal, offering majestic views of the Kanchenjunga range from its unprecedented height, Sandakphu is a trekker’s paradise. Providing the most fitting trekking opportunities, all attractions in and near Sandakphu are centered on this in-demand adventure sport. Besides this activity, the divinity of Sandakphu’s snow-clad mountains attracts people to its terrains. Away from the routine life most people live in the metropolitans, Sandakphu offers a chance to embrace the simple, peaceful and joyous life of the hills. Untouched by human machinery, people revel in the quietude of these high peaks; unattainable and undisturbed. Enjoy the panoramic views Sandakphu provides of the very best that nature has to offer, including towering mountains, colorful orchids and the mystical temperate forests.

People visit Sandakphu majorly for the trekking opportunities it provides. A surreal trek, stretching over a long distance of tranquility and awe, the places in Sandakphu that are a must visit are essentially pit stops in this epic journey. Interspersed with the following 5 places, your Sandakphu trek is going to a glorious affair.

1. Manebhanjan

The beginning of your marvelous journey commences at Manebhanjan, a small town located near Darjeeling. Here you can find houses and camps set especially for trekkers, along with an unusually high number of the rugged Land Rovers. The vehicles may well be classified as vintage, owing to the decades of years they have been in existence. Mahebhanjan is a particularly inspiring place to begin your moving journey, as the place has villages of both India and Nepal visible on either side of the border. Start your trek on an uplifting note at the delightful town of Manebhanjan.

2. Chitrey

Begin your journey at Chitrey for a mesmerizing experience. The steep slopes of Manebhanjan might be particularly challenging for first timers, hence amateurs prefer to begin the trek at Chitrey. The place is adorned with luscious greenery, with the towering oaks, pines and firs acting as loyal companions in this journey. The place also has an exquisite monastery here that brings a source of spiritual refreshment, right in the beginning of a long journey. You can also find homestays and other accommodations for trekkers at Chitrey.

3. Tonglu

Photo by solarshakti, CC BY 2.0

If you take a short cut to your final destination, the enthralling town of Tonglu would fall on the way. The place would serve as a magical milestone in your journey, as the mere sight of the Tonglu Lake will refresh your tired senses. The lake is as picturesque as a scenery on an artist’s canvas, with its crystal surface providing a shimmering reflection of the oaks and pines. Present on top of a hill, the town of Tonglu acts as a wonderful resting point, where you take a minute to capture the scenic surroundings in your mind’s eye and then move on to Sandakphu, rejuvenated from its aura.

4. Tumling

Photo by Rito1987, CC BY-SA 4.0

The stunning environs of Tumling, characterized by a lush greenery of winter tress, is another beautiful spot in your trek to Sandakphu. This place located nearby to Sandakphu provides an excellent opportunity to experience the change in cultural climate, as Tumling is a small village in Nepal. Just a few kilometers away from here is the Singalila National Park checkpost, which is the entry point into Sandakphu. The trek from Tumling to here is marked with colourful flora, light and heavy specks of greens and browns. From Tumling, on a clear night sky, one can even peak into the Indian border, easily gazing at the lights of Darjeeling and Kurseong. Be sure to take the short detour to Nepal, to fully acknowledge the entirety of this trekking experience.

5. Bikeybhanjan

The last milestone you reach is Bikeybhanjan, after which is the lovely town of Sandakphu, as if just beyond the next curve. Being the last milestone you achieve, keeping in tandem with the idiom, “It is darkest before the dawn,” the steep slopes and rugged terrains of Bikeybhanjan act as your dark before the dawn of Sandakphu. A daunting task to accomplish, Bikeybhanjan is also marked with pristine mountains peaks and lively flora that keep you motivated to finish your last stretch and emerge victorious.

The journey to Sandakphu is not an easy, but is surely a rewarding one. The silent and sometimes melodious company of nature, along with the relentless fire of the hilly sun keep you pacing, slowly reaching your desired goal. Be sure to visit these 5 breathtaking spots near Sandakphu, which will keep you energized and pleasured. Have the best trekking experience of your life at the quaint town of Sandakphu!

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