Top 10 Beaches In West Bengal

West Bengal is the state on the eastern coastline of India that overlooks the Bay of Bengal. Encompassing a diverse geography, West Bengal is home to both mountains and beaches. The clear waters of the Bay of Bengal, the estuaries of the mighty Ganga and the lazily stretched coastline make Bengal a paradise for the water lovers. With a number of unspoilt and unexplored beaches, Bengal is lately becoming a first choice for the beach lovers. With the calm and composed atmosphere and the beautifully playing waters, beaches here quietly romance with the undulating beauty of the sea. Enlisted here are top 10 beaches of West Bengal that will leave one mesmerised and spell bound.

1. Digha Beach

Photo by Rajarshi MITRA, CC BY 2.0

Being a popular beach amongst the residents of West Bengal, Digha is the most visited beach. Being extremely popular amongst the couples and the newly-weds the beach is divided into two parts, The New Digha Beach and the Old Digha Beach. While the Old Digha Beach has most of the tourists to itself for it encompasses the beauty that is unmatched, the New Digha Beach is mainly for the couples who are looking for privacy. The beach is famous for shifting its shoreline during the course of the day as in the morning the tides start rising towards the land and the beach area that can be experienced is larger while as the dusk sets the sea draws its water back home leaving the wet mud and traces of water that was playing on the coast.

2. Tajpur Beach

Photo by Biswarup Ganguly, CC BY 3.0

The virgin beach of West Bengal, Tajpur beach is the untouched and the unexplored beach of the state. The beach is located towards the east of Midnapore and is a silent place. With the lullaby that the sea sings and the rhythmic breeze that blows along, Tajpur beach offers a divine view of the rising and the setting sun that cannot be missed. Being calm and serene and away from the maddening rush of the city life, Tajpur Beach is a heaven for the solitude lovers.

3. Bakkhali Beach

Photo by eutrophication&hypoxia, CC BY 2.0

Overlooking the Bay of Bengal, Bakkhali Beach is away from the commercialization like the other beaches. Keeping its natural charm intact the beach is one of the less visited beach. Though there are private properties around the beach that gives the owners a piece of sea to themselves, Bakkhali is recently getting popular amongst the bag-packers and the weekenders. Being a clean and composed beach it is attracting the crowd to experience the natural beauty of the land and the sea in its raw form.

4. Mandarmani Beach

Photo by Sayamindu Dasgupta, CC BY-SA 2.0

Being a famous honeymoon destination, Mandarmani Beach is a home to luxury resorts and villas that offer privacy to the lovers. Being recently commercialized the beach is famous for water sports. With the clear blue water of the Bay of Bengal and the dazzling sunsets, the beach makes you fall in love all over again.

5. Frazerganj Beach

Stretching for about 2 km along the eastern coastline of India, Frazerganj Beach enjoys an unspoilt panorama. With the white sand that covers the beach and the crystal clear blue water of the Bay of Bengal, Frazerganj Beach is contrast to the loud cries of the nearest metro, Kolkatta. The place has a charm that makes the dawns and the dusk poetic. Being beautifully spread and quietly sitting and witnessing the merger of the water and the land it also invites a lot of migratory avifauna that increases the charisma of the place.

6. Falta Beach

Quite famous amongst the locals of the state, Falta beach is one of the most visited beaches of the state. The beach is famous for its undulating beauty. A little ahead of the Falta Beach the River Damodar merges with Hoogly and provides a mesmerising site. The beach derives its name from a ship that was ruined here in the 17th century.

7. Junput Beach

Photo by Sambit 1982, CC BY-SA 3.0

About 40 km away from Digha Beach is the Junput Beach. The beach being highly visited by the tourists, Junput Beach is known for its natural beauty. The casuarina trees are lined parallel to the coastline making it a beautiful combination of clear blue and lush greens and imparting a picture perfect view. The beach is fairly commercialized as the number of visitors is quite large. The beach is famous for family outings and as a famous picnic spot of Bengal.

8. Sagardwip Beach

Located on the Sunderbans Island, Sagardwip or the Gangasagar beach is a silvery expanse of the calm and pristine beach. The beach overlooks an estuary of the River Ganga imparting the place with religious values too. The beach is visited by a lot of pilgrims in the month of January to take a holy dip in the mighty Ganga. On the other days people come here to enjoy the nature’s gift that has been encompassed at this particular beach.

9. Shankarpur Beach

Photo by Anirban Biswas, CC BY-SA 2.0

Being a quiet affair for a long time, the Shankarapur Beach is a comparatively recent discovery. The beach is about 10 km apart from the Digha Beach and is known for its soothing atmosphere. The beach is now being developed by the luxury resorts so as to give its visitors a piece of sea that they can carry in their experiences all to themselves. Shankarapur is known for fishing activities.

10. Talsari Beach

The reason Talsari beach is famous is that it can be accessed through a boat ride. The beach lies about 7 km ahead of the Digha beach and basically a part of the delta that is lined up with the conifers all around. The beach is calm and minimalistic commercialization has been done. The beach is usually greeted with low tides and stretches for about 3 km.

West Bengal is beautifully blessed with a number of virgin beaches to gain an experience of the nature in its very basic and raw form. With a number of options to choose from Bengal welcomes beach lovers to get mesmerized with what the eastern Indian shoreline has to offer.

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