Top 10 Resorts in Kolkata

Endearingly popular as the City of Joy, Kolkata is well-known for its intellectuals, the mouth-watering food and its rich history plus the joyful celebrations of every festival here. With the fabulous Sundarbans to the culturally wonderful Maa Durga statues made here, Kolkata is splendidly beautiful to amaze you with its intellectual and artistic perfection as well. There are many retreats all around Kolkata where you can spend a day or two pondering over your journey here and finding the best resorts is what we are here for. Read on to find the best resorts in Kolkata where you can pamper yourself or take your family for a weekend getaway to absorb the intellectually marvelous aura of Kolkata.

1. Vedic Village Resort

Vedic Village Resort
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Vedic Village Resort has a village theme but it’s the facilities provided here that makes your stay luxurious at a place of simplistic architecture. There are Ayurveda and Naturopathy services are worth the cost if you are in India and never tried these healing methods. Further, for leisure there are all type of indoor-outdoor sports like air hockey, carom, biking, pool and many more to make your stay rustically indulgent.

2. Country Roads

Country Roads
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Country Roads is a place for those finding solace for their mind and soul. The stunning vistas and serene ambience of this retreat is the most attracting and lovely and many of the visitors are drawn to this characteristic. Moreover, the resort is set amidst the natural surroundings and thus is an amazing escape from the hustle-bustle of Kolkata.

3. Sundarbans Gateway Resort

Sundarbans Gateway Resort
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Sundarbans Gateway Resort is located in Sundarbans and provides you a getaway to enjoy the serene and beautiful aspect of Kolkata. This place is affordable for everyone and supplies all the services plus extra activities include bike riding and shuttles are also made available so that you can travel around the tiger reserve in a more entertaining way.

4. Victoria Beach Resort

Victoria Beach Resort
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Victoria Beach Resort is an ideal destination for family trips and honeymoons. There are white stunning beaches all around the resort where you have a wonderful tan plus the resort also organizes outdoor and indoor sports for kids like, picnic, treasure hunt and nature trails, thus in a way you can relax and get rejuvenated at this abode.

5. United 21 Wildlife Resort

United 21 Wildlife Resort
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A gorgeously themed retreat, United 21 Wildlife Resort is a fabulous place for holidaying. There are plenty of services supplied and attentive staff is also well-rated and sightseeing, shuttle facilities are also provided for the guests. Here away from the teeming crowds of Kolkata, you can indulge yourself in the lush greenery and the contenting services offered.

6. Aquatica

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As the name suggests, Aquatica is a water park and resort in Rajarhat and in a way, is a perfect blend of retreat and enjoyment for holidays. You can relax in your rooms which are beautifully designed and then the water park is a must visit to try yourself at different sports and have fun with your friends and family.

7. Fortune Park

Fortune Park
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Situated in Panchwati, Fortune Park is one of the popular resorts of Kolkata and is also quite near to the Kali Temple and Golabari Ghat so that you can rejuvenate here and then continue exploring Kolkata. It offers numerous entertainments, coffee shop and chai bar, pool, a ballroom for holding parties and there are also camp fires organized by the resort to ensure a leisure filled vacation here.

8. Nirala Resorts

Nirala Resorts
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Nirala Resorts has a quiet and soothing quality to it as this place is located outside the teeming streets of Kolkata and provides the guests with a contemplative and serene aura which is its main attraction. Just a few miles away is Shamtaber, the birthplace of Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay, one of the known Bengali writers of Kolkata, and you can also travel to the place to know more about the intellectual legacy of this wonderful city.

9. The Oberoi Grand

The Oberoi Grand
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One of the most luxurious retreats in Kolkata, The Oberoi Grand is definitely a thumbs-up when it comes to finding best resorts in Kolkata. It has been given a colonial theme, there are attractive rooms with balcony, French styled and a Thai restaurant, a spa and pool is what makes this place all the more tempting.

10. Solitary Nooks

Solitary Nooks
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Solitary Nooks is a place near to the Sunderbans and has the mood of an ideal getaway in nature. It is an economical resort plus with several services, like sightseeing packages for Tiger reserve and Hamilton Island and there is also bike given on rents to explore the wilds of Sunderbans by yourself.

Therefore, the above-listed resorts have so much to offer that you never want to leave these alluring retreats. You can select these resorts for any party or a weekend vacation and we assure you that they will provide you with another aspect of Kolkata away from the swarming crowds and its modernity towards its closeness to nature.

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