10 Fascinating Honeymoon Destinations Near Kolkata

With the starting of the new phase of life with your beloved, honeymoon is the first gear to start the beautiful journey called marriage. It is very important for any couple to choose the right destination for their honeymoon as the experience will be spoken about for their entire life. The stories will remain fresh years down the line and the moments of love will give goose bumps even at the mere thought of them. The couples are looking for a place that gives a right start for this journey and where the love grows with every passing moment. We bring you a list of 10 honeymoon destinations around Kolkata to drench in love.

1. Darjeeling

Photo by Abhishek Kumar, CC BY 2.0 

Wrapped in the arms of Himalayas is this beautiful hill-station of West Bengal. With the glowing Kanchenjunga, usually admired with a jaw dropping expression, the hill town also gives glimpses of the Himalayan range. Also known for its tea plantations, Darjeeling is home to beautiful pine trees. With Buddhist Monasteries, snow-clad mountains, the emerald green velvety slopes of the tea, the toy train journey or over-looking to the miracles of nature from The Tiger point, the place has a romantic vibe.

2. Digha

Photo by Rajarshi MITRA, CC BY 2.0 

Shallow sands, low gradient and the gentle waves touching the shore that is 7 km long, Digha Beach is bliss for the couples. The place is known as a beach resort giving the couples the luxurious honeymoon in the laps of nature. Away from the civilization this place overlooks the Bay of Bengal and even the waves are gentle in nature, careful not to disturb the people in love. The long strolls along the shore and sunrise and sunset is something you can’t miss to get drenched in love.

3. Kalimpong

Photo by Abhishek Kumar, CC BY 2.0 

Situated in the mid-range of the Himalayas, Kalimpong is at an elevation of 1250m above the sea level. With the snow-clad peaks in the backdrop and overlooking the Tessta River the place is a delight to your eyes. Famous for its horticulture, the place has a wide range of orchids and Himalayan flower bulbs. The hill-station has activities like mountain biking, river rafting apart from its scenic charm. A hint of Buddhist culture is also visible here. The flowery little town will make the trip more romantic by providing the perfect ambience for lovers.

4. Talasari

Photo by Dr. Subhransu Mishra, CC BY-SA 3.0 

Stealing a part of the north-eastern coastline of India the name of the place literally translates to ‘A row of Palm Trees’. This less exploited beach in Odisha displays and array of casuarina trees, coconut and the palms make it serene. The beach being quite also has a few beaches along with the backwaters. The beaches are usually reached by the boat but when the waves are low one can carefully stroll on the river bed to travel from one beach to the other. Maintaining a tropical climate it makes it easier for the love birds to flock anytime here.

5. Ajodhya Hills

With the Dalma Hills of Jharkhand extending into West Bengal, Ajodhya Hills captivate the beauty of the entire range. A scene that could be directly canvased is what Ajodhya Hills have to offer. If you and your sweetheart want to trek the forests of Bengal to see some beautiful waterfalls hidden in the nature and love the greens around, this is the place for you. You can enjoy the peacefulness on the Turga Dam and the Lake or can trek and admire the beauty of adjoining peaks of Mayuri hills and Gorgaburu.

6. Shillong

Photo by Masrur Ashraf, CC BY-ND 2.0 

Another picturesque hill-station on the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya, Shillong, is also known as ‘The Abode of Clouds’. Shillong is rich in culture and also showcases glimpses of Scotland. With waterfalls, lakes, museums, golf courses the hill station is preferred to visit on foot. The clods above head and the natural beauty that dazzles at every step and hands in hands, is what makes Shillong a perfect honeymoon destination.

7. Kurseong

Photo by Amit Chattopadhyay, CC BY 2.0 

Another quiet little hill town amidst the Himalayas is Kurseong which mean the place of the white orchids. The tea planted slopes, the steep valleys and a backdrop of snow clad peaks can make you fall in love with the nature while in the place. An array of white orchids brings the fragrance of love in the air and makes the help the couples get lost in the serenity of the atmosphere.

8. Mirik

Photo by Ankit Agarwal, CC BY 2.0 

Mirik or the place burnt by fire is another hill station in the Darjeling district of West Bengal. Famous is for its Sumendu Lake which has an array of pine trees on one side and a park on another interconnected by a foot bridge called the Indreni pull. One can enjoy the views of Kanchenjunga and other Himalayan peaks while lazing in the Shikara on the Lake. The hill station has certainly got all the features to pull the couples.

9. Mandarmani

Photo by Abhijit Kar Gupta, CC BY 2.0 

Mandarmani lies on the southwest of Bengal and is acclaimed to be a beach resort. The beach is a lot cleaner and at the end of the beach is ‘mohana’ or the delta. It is at this place that you can enjoy the various forms of water bodies with your beloved. The beach is 13 km long and is motor able so as to gulp its tranquility. Sleeping to the lullabies of the waves in a resort overlooking the horizon makes it truly romantic.

10. Shankarpur

Photo by Anirban Biswas, CC BY-SA 2.0 

If you are looking for solace Shankarpur is the place. Less explored, clear waters, away from commercialization and a budgeted honeymoon plus the best that nature has to offer. Shankarpur is one of the most serene beaches with a mesmerizing horizon. One can collect sea-shells of various shapes while walking on the shore with the loved one.

Indeed, a precious gift. Each destination has purity and a vibe of love that cannot be missed. Explore and experience that no words can express.

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