Top 5 Theme Parks in Kolkata

Kolkata being a metropolitan city, offers all the facilities of modern life and also all scopes of amusements. Besides movies, theater, fairs, shopping malls and markets, here are different theme parks to enjoy holidays. Most of these parks are especially attractive for children, having fun rides or sport equipments. Beside fun and amusement, these locations also provide a relief from monotonous city life. In this article, we mention top five theme parks in Kolkata.

1. Nicco Park

Photo by Biswarup Ganguly, CC BY-SA 3.0

The great amusement park of Kolkata, Nicco Park, was built in 1991 and was known as Jheel Meel at that time. The park is simply great because it provides a complete environment for fun and amusement. There are multiple exciting rides for the children to give them unlimited fun and also a few rides for the elders. After all, the parents and teachers deserve some merriment too!

And all these fun rides are set up amidst green gardens and a quiet water body, to provide complete relief to the visitors, and a true detachment from the bustling city. The food park serves mouthwatering dishes to fill up the stomach in between ride-hopping.

So, Nicco Park is present to offer you an amazing day out with your children. It is also a favorite location of the Kolkata schools as a picnic hotspot. Nicco Park is quite deservingly called the Disneyland of Kolkata.

2. Aquatica

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The biggest water park in the north-east region of India, the famous Aquatica, is found in Kolkata. The cool water park is a great relief zone during the pricking summer days. Float in the crystal clear pools of high maintenance, to find a perfect solace for your summer burnt soul.

The steam of river, the tornado wave, the bouncy fall—all forms of water amusement are available here. The spacious park can allow entry to some 5000 people at once. Aquatica is the happening summer hotspot, rather coolspot, for people of all ages, to have ultimate fun and adventure.

3. Science City

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The Science City in Kolkata is a different type of amusement destination, as it offers various educational programs beside fun rides and games. It is equally attractive for elders along with the children. The 3D theater hall, space theater, ropeway journey—all these amazing activities are waiting here to be experienced by the visitors.

Multiple fun experiments based on the facts of science will amuse your children and will also enrich their knowledge. The outer garden is beautifully decorated and attractive. A number of Kolkata schools organize educational trips in Science City. Overall, Science City is a must visit spot during the summer vacation.

4. Millenium Park

View from Park, Photo by Dwaipayanc, Public Domain

The Millenium Park is different in its own way from other refreshment parks. Being on the bank of River Hoogly, the park offers a panoramic view of the river and also a glimpse of the Howrah Bridge. It is named as the Millenium Park, as it was opened on the first day of year 2000. Due to its amazing location, the park also serves as a spot for cultural programs in the city.  The location of the park is near BBD Bag, one of the busiest places of Kolkata and so, it is extremely convenient to visit the park anytime.

5. Clown Town

The all new amusement destination in Kolkata is the Clown Town on the EM Bypass. A number of fun rides are here to entertain the children as well as their guardians. Try the water games, bike rides, roller skating or the most exciting Bunjee Run to spend a fabulous day and drain out all exhaustion from the mind. Here the children will have a real fun time with multiple rides and fun games. There are a number of games for the adults too.

So, we hope you would surely like to visit these spots and experience the real fun!

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