10 Best Resorts in Mussoorie

Slithering roads, steep-cut valleys and an eternal, evergreen glow; the entirety of Mussoorie’s charm cannot be summed up in mere words. Rightly called the Queen of Hills, Mussoorie is one of the most famous hill stations of North India. The lush greenery of this place, combined with the warm hospitality of the locals makes it a perfect holiday getaway. The lofty mountains of Mussoorie generate a number of gurgling waterfalls, the most popular of which is the Kempty Falls. The captivating beauty of these hills will leave you in wonderment at the artistic side of nature.

The humbling tranquillity of Mussoorie’s hills is maintained by the peaceful resorts it provides. The incredible interiors in the warm glow of the twinkling lamps will make your stay at Mussoorie ever more incredible.

1. JW Marriott Mussoorie- Walnut Groove Resort & Spa

JW Marriott Mussoorie- Walnut Groove Resort & Spa
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Surround yourself with the light mist of coolness and the warm glow of nature’s riches in this extravagant resort. JW Marriott in Mussoorie owes up to its international standards by showering you with the very best in luxury living. The majestic suits with manicured lawns scream ecstasy and wonderment. Visit this resort for an experience better than the rest.

2. The Claridges Nabha Residence

The Claridges Nabha Residence
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Well secluded from the hurried life of the city, at Claridges Nabha Residence you are going to fully experience each moment of your life. Slip into the comforting confines of nature’s luxury and let the resort help you unwind. The white pillars and green lawns give this resort an old-world charm that is hard to overlook. Let yourself free and be pampered by good food and great service.

3. Fortune Resort Grace

Fortune Resort Grace
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Fortunate are the ones that pay a visit to this lovely and unique resort. For the view of the hills from your windows and the warm hospitality of the staff are all enough to melt your heart into a puddle of joy. Enjoy a hearty game of pool and air hockey at their indoor games room. Otherwise, swash and splash in the clean and serene pool of Fortune Resort Grace.

4. Surbee Resorts

Surbee Resorts
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A cottage resort built in the style of Swiss designing, Surbee Resorts offer a one of a kind experience in themselves. Being located around lush greenery, you are bound to feel connected to the unadulterated environment of the hill station. For those who wish to energise themselves through more stimulating activities, the resort offers a video game parlour, a pool table and even the opportunity to play a friendly game of table tennis. The tranquility of the Surbee Resorts provides many enchanting chances to bond with your loved ones, or even with yourself.

5. Rokeby Manor

Rokeby Manor
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A grey stone building designed in Victorian architecture, is both charming and soothing to your senses. Rokeby Manor is the epitome of such old-worldly allure which makes it one of the best resorts to stay in Mussoorie. Complete with wooden flooring, period furniture and crackling fireplaces, Rokeby Manor delivers in both style and service. Enjoy surreal delicacies in their world-class restaurant and leave your taste buds hungry for more.

6. The Amber Vermont Estate

The Amber Vermont Estate
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Amber Vermont Estate is quite possible one of the oldest estates located in the gorgeous hills of Mussoorie. Retaining their historic charm with the addition of contemporary tastes, the resort is specially built to address your unique needs. Look over to the pictographic mountains from your lawn chairs on the terrace, sipping hot coffee and tea. Apart from spacious suites, the resort also provides numerous indoor games for you to enjoy at your leisure.

7. Kasmanda Palace

Kasmanda Palace
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If you ever thought that Disney princesses lived in fantasy houses, think again. The vibrant yellow walls with white borders of the Kasmanda Palace Resort seem to be pulled straight out of a fairy tale. Although, the ambience of this resort will feel no less than one.  Once a retreat for a royal family, each guest is themselves treated regally by the courteous staff. The exquisite interiors combined with heart warming food will surely make you feel heavenly in this dreamy resort.

8. Royal Orchid Fort Resort

Royal Orchid Fort Resort
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A delightful retreat for your heart that’s aching for the hills, the Royal Orchid Fort Resort is a modern-day fortress built with fascinating luxuries. The prime location make it viable for you to enjoy breathtaking sights of the Queen of all hills. Relax yourself by swinging in the hammocks, going on peaceful nature walks or taking a long steamy session of the state of the art sauna.

9. Karma Vilas

Karma Vilas
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A work of art, built with the drama of Victorian architecture, Karma Vilas is a well renowned resort in Mussoorie. The vivid red roofs and open lawns make it a lively place to enjoy a memorable vacation. Apart from elegant interiors and great hospitality, the resort also organises bonfires with music for its guests, so they can truly make the most of their trip.

10. Dancing Leaves Resort

Dancing Leaves Resort
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An aptly names resort, one cab truly witness the leaves dancing at the rhythm of the cool hilly wind at this pristine resort. Built in the midst of pine and deodar trees, the Dancing Leaves offers some great views of the rugged mountains from its windows. Enjoy some intimate moments with your loved ones at this warm and graceful resort in Mussoorie.

Remain fresh in the lively hills of Mussoorie by engaging in adventurous as well as meditative activities. Renew your bond with nature at any of these picturesque resorts and have a splendid stay nestled in the comforting grasp of Mussoorie.

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