Kempty Falls, Mussoorie

Visitors Information

  • Famous for: Waterfalls, sightseeing, photography and water sports.
  • Entrance fees: None for visiting just the waterfall, extra charges will be applied for ropeway and water amusement park.
  • Visiting Time: Sunrise to sunset.
  • Duration of Visit: 1.5-2 hours.

Every year lakhs of tourists’ flock to the queen of hills i.e. Mussoorie is a popular tourist destination and a world-renowned hill station since the colonial times. This little sleepy town served as the summer capital for British India during the colonial era. Mussoorie houses a myriad of tourist attractions of which Kempty Falls is a notable one. The following article is a comprehensive guide on the same and will try to cover all the major topics.

Kempty Falls
Photo by Akhil.jain1912, CC BY-SA 4.0

Traveller Tips

  • Don’t forget to take your camera or handycam with you as the place offers a view point for some captivating scenery of the hills around Mussoorie.
  • It is not prohibited to shoot video or do some still photography at the place.
  • The falls alone is a little bit difficult to access or get to. We’ll advise you to wear some comfortable footwear as the walk alone can turn out to be hectic.
  • Always keep a water bottle with you in case of dehydration.
  • If swimming in the water park is on your mind, then you can even bring your swimming costume with you.

Things to Do

  • Roam around the place, breath in that fresh cold mountain area and have some cutting chai from the nearby shops while you are immersed in the vistas of this beautiful hill station and turbid white water of the falls.
  • Indulge in a photography session with your friends and family. You could even try on some ethnic Garhwali costume and get photographed.
  • The water park is situated at the base of water falls and is a huge hit among both the kids & adults.
  • The place is also a picnic spot. Search for a secluded spot by the falls and be careful not to leave any waste behind.

Availability of Guides

There is no need to hire a guide or avail their services. The place is pretty much self-explanatory.

Best Time to Visit

Mussoorie being a hill station sits at an elevation of 4500 feet above sea level. So, it is advisable to visit the hill station during the summer months. Especially between the months of April and June, during which the weather is quite pleasant. The temperature varies from 13 degrees to 22 degrees of Celsius which is quite comfortable for sightseeing.

How to Reach

Kempty Falls is 15 kilometres from Library, Bus Stand of Mussoorie. It is a bit far from the Lakkhi Bagh, Dehradun Railway station and is 49 kilometres away. If you have flied in, then we would suggest you to take the route which goes via Mussoorie Road as the Kempty Falls is then about 75 kilometres away from the Jolly Grant Airport. Other modes of transport such as private taxis and travellers are also available.

Interesting Facts

  • The Falls are open to public from Sunrise till the Sunset.
  • If you track down the course of water coming from the falls, you’ll realize that water of Kempty Falls meets the Yamuna Falls.
  • It is actually not a single fall or a single cascade. The water actually splits into five cascades before coming down to the main pool.
Kempty Falls Mussoorie
Photo by Rajeev Kumar, CC BY-SA 3.0

Nearby Attractions

  • Lakemist
  • Shedup Choepelling Temple
  • Company Garden
  • Gun Hill
  • Lal Tibba
  • Camel’s Back Road
  • Kasmanda Palace
  • Christ Church
  • Jharipani Falls
  • Bhatta Falls

Nearby Restaurants

  • Trout House Grill & Bar
  • Clubhouse Café
  • Pushp Restaurant
  • SeaGreen Café
  • Rose’s Diner
  • JW Café
  • Kalsang Restaurant
  • Cafe De Tavern
  • Little Llama Café
  • Café Ivy

A primary tourist spot which always finds its place on every traveller’s bucket list who comes to visit the beautiful hill station of Mussoorie. Kempty Falls is a place where you can capture the true essence of nature at its very best. The surrounding area of the water falls is adorned with lush green vegetation of Mussoorie Hills with peaks touching a height of 1400 metres.

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