The Best Time to Visit Ooty

Ooty in South India has been a very popular tourist destination for a long time now. It offers for tourist benefit both natural and man-made delights. It has lakes, gardens and mountains, nestling side by side with churches, stone houses and parks. Ooty maintains maritime, pleasurable climate all the year round, neither are winters too cold nor summers uncomfortably hot. But if you were to ask for the best time to visit Ooty, polls would tell you that you could go from October through June, as both the winters and summers are pleasant. You could indulge in every sort of tourist activity, sightseeing and even adventure sports. Ooty is a hit with honeymooners as well.

Photo by Satheeshkumar K, CC BY 2.0

MonthsConditionsOur Recommendation
March to JuneClimate is pleasant so, you will definitely enjoy sightseeing and other tourist activities.Popular Tourist Season
July to SeptemberThis is the monsoon time, which leads to heavy rainfall. Perfect time for nature lovers and photographers.Ideal Time


October to FebruaryTemperature is cool, time for couples and honeymooners.Peak Season

Ooty is one tropical destination to which not even a monsoon tour is a bad, or dangerous idea. Monsoons in Ooty witness fine rainfall, and tourists are advised to carry equipment that can protect them from the showers. It is a bit of a spoilsport if the rains arrive when you are out sightseeing, but that is compensated by the natural beauty monsoon enhances when it comes to Ooty. Also, adventure sports are not to be participated on during monsoon. When the climate permits, you can go out and enjoy all tourist attractions Ooty has to offer.

Summer season, extending till May, is arguably the most popular time to visit Ooty. The mornings are cool and pleasanter than most of India, and the nights are almost not warm at all. You can see sights in peace, or perform adventure sports. You can visit the many gardens, or walk through parks and stone churches. There’s a very famous and memorable summer festival that is hosted annually at Ooty.

Winters in Ooty, starting right after November, are the other popular choice for taking a tour of the place. The natural beauty is amplified, and the tourist will delight in the visual splendour he encounters. The surrounding tea gardens come into the limelight as a major tourist draw during winter, perhaps explaining the crowd pulling capacity Ooty develops during this season. The days are pleasantly cold, and the nights almost chilly. It is wonderful to go sightseeing in such a weather, making a tour of all the important landmarks. Some brave hearts might indulge in adventure sports during this time, but that depends on personal discretion.

How to Reach Ooty

Ooty is generally very well connected and can be reached in multiple ways. You can fly to it through the nearest Coimbatore airport, which offers domestic flights to important cities like Bangalore. You can reach by rail through Mettupalyam station, and take a taxi to your hotel. You can take buses to and from other South Indian tourist areas like Mysore, or you can drive yourself through convenient roads through beautiful green forest and reservoir areas.

Ooty India
Photo by Sankara Subramanian, CC BY 2.0

What to Do and See in Ooty

  • Stone House

The place to visit when you are in the mood for history, architecture and general aestheticism.

  • Emerald Lake

A most stunning congregation of beautiful lakes.

  • Stephen’s Church

An old, well-carved church that is tranquil and purifying as it is beautiful.

  • Tea Gardens

Surround this place, and is a major tourist attraction for the whole area.

  • Nilgiri Mountain Railway

For a fairy-tale ride through the mountain interiors.

Everything being said and done, the trip to Ooty is definitely one you should make next summer vacation. Or maybe winter vacation? Lose yourself rambling through the hills, immerse in culture at museums and botanical gardens, and get in touch with your soul sitting on the steps of a church. Ooty would photograph beautifully too, and you could try adventure sports. Keep handy a weather and temperature guide, to find the perfect sort of holiday you and your loved ones seek. Happy journey!

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