10 Best Resorts in Coimbatore

Coimbatore, popularly known as Kovai, is a city in the southern state of Tamil Nadu in India. The city is a famed industrial district, being a leader in manufacturing motors and a hub of textile business, and is referred to as the ‘Manchester of India’. Along with its business capacities, Coimbatore is also a traveller’s heaven because of the presence of scenic spots like the Ukkadam Lake, the stunning Valparai hill station at a height of 3,500 feet, Aliyar Dam, Sungam Bye Pass Bridge, Kovai Kutralam, and others.As Coimbatore is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu, it boasts the presence of a range of alternative accommodation options. From luxury resorts to pocket-friendly places to stay, the city is suited for all. People in Coimbatore are friendly and welcoming and this makes the city a great place to travel to whether you are on a weekend getaway or a week-long expedition.

Its location close to more popular tourist towns like Ooty makes Coimbatore a perfect stop on the way. While stopping here for a day’s rest, stay in one of these top ten resorts in Coimbatore, and there are high chances that you will never want to leave this undiscovered travel jewel:

1. Dvara Siruvani

Dvara Siruvani
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Situated around 33 kilometres from the city centre, Dvara Siruvani is the retreat filled with peace and tranquillity that we all need from time to time. This beautiful resort is famous for its old world charm that creates a fine balance with its modern hospitality. Coming to Dvara Siruvani is like turning back the wheels of time and stepping into a turn of the century traditional Tamil establishment. There is no place better than here to feel closer to the roots of Tamil rural life while indulging in quaint luxury.

2. Vivanta By Taj -Surya

Vivanta By Taj -Surya
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A five-star hotel near the Singanalur Lake, Vivanta by Taj is just a kilometer away from the bus and railway stations. With spacious rooms and great views, this hotel also offers amenities like Concierge, Child services, three restaurants, a beauty centre, and a swimming pool among others. Breathe in opulence at the Taj in Coimbatore to make your getaway unforgettable and mesmerizing.

3. Residency Towers

Residency Towers
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Assure a comfortable stay in Coimbatore with quick and reliable service at the Residency Towers. The hotel provides all the facilities that global travellers are accustomed to and more. This 135 room hotel features everything needed to make life more convenient for its visitors. With a spa, fitness centre, and personal chauffeurs available 24X7, convenience of the visitor is the top priority here. The classy bars and restaurants in the hotel are not to be missed.

4. Le Meridien

Le Meridien
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Situated in the Neelambur Village in Coimbatore, Le Meridien offers expansive rooms, great restaurants, and outstanding quality of service. From personal vacations and business stays to weddings and parties, this place can host all these and more with tact and charm. When staying in the Le Meridien, make sure to visit the restaurants here to taste delicacies from all around the world.

5. Vision Nature Resort

Vision Nature Resort
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Situated amidst the sumptuous foliage of the Attapadi Hills, Vision Nature resort is the perfect place to be if you want to escape the hubbub of city life and want to enjoy simple living in the lap of nature. Enjoy the fresh air of the foothills while looking over at the picturesque flora and fauna of Attapadi. Relish your experience at this resort by visiting the nearby waterfalls, going on long walks and treks, or taking part in activities like bird and butterfly watching.

6. Kalpaviruksham Ayurvedic Resort

Kalpaviruksham Ayurvedic Resort
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If you want to experience the tangible benefits of Ayurveda, Kalpaviruksham Ayurvedic resort is for you. This no fluff resort allows visitors to experience the authentic art of Ayurveda while promoting wellness. The resort offers stunning views of the hills and is surrounded by lush greenery. The resort also offers temple and shopping tours in and around Coimbatore.

7. Black Thunder Resort

Black Thunder Resort
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Black Thunder Resort is located in the Black Thunder Water Park spread in an area of about 75 acres. The resort is meant for the fun loving and is close to the hip parts of town where most of the city’s nightlife happens. The open air barbecue and lounge at the resort are some of the well-praised facilities here. The staff here is pleasant and courteous and always ready to help visitors plan and organize activities and trips in or near Coimbatore.

8. Heritage Inn

Heritage Inn
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Heritage Inn is just a twenty-minute stroll way from the bus and railway station of the city. The hotel has a number of services to make your stay easier. It is great for a family vacation if you want to spend quality time with your near and dear ones in the comfort of modern facilities in Coimbatore. Dine at night with your partner at the ‘Apex Garden’, the rooftop restaurant for a romantic evening, or visit the ‘Paruvaa’ with your family to bond over lip-smacking delicacies.

9. Country Club Resort

Country Club Resort
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With scenic hills and greenery in the backdrop, the Country Club Resort is a delight to the eyes. A popular place for social clubbing, this resort is also a great destination for a family holiday. The resort carries out several local sight-seeing excursions for the visitors and the best way to spend time here is to visit the national parks, theme parks, temples, and lakes near the resort.

10. Coco Lagoon by Great Mount Resort

Coco Lagoon by Great Mount Resort
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Around an hour away from the main city, Coco Lagoon is situated in the Pollachi region or the ‘Land of Prosperity’ in the Western Ghats. The famous Masani Amman Temple is just seven kilometres away from the resort and is a must visit to gain an understanding of Tamil culture and traditions. The natural beauty of the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, the Aliyar Dam, and the Koolangal River near the resort make it one of the best places to stay in.

With so many options available to stay in a city like Coimbatore, it might get hard to choose the best one for yourself. We hope this list has helped you in making your perfect holiday decision. Remember that there is so much in Coimbatore that is yet to be explored by tourists and hence the city and the areas around can provide you with a deep insight into the traditional way of life in the western Tamil Nadu region.

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