Top 10 Waterfalls Near Chennai

The charismatic city of Chennai is blessed with immaculate beaches, mesmerizing breezes, heavenly temples and an incredible aura that covers this place at its best and the blend of nature and modernity is what tempts and draws tourists to Chennai all over the year. This coastal region of South India is not only known for its spectacular temples but the seashores that constitute the very striking quality of Chennai. So, here, we will explore the waterfalls situated in and around the city of Chennai where you can head for a weekend getaway or picnics and just enliven yourself amidst the bliss of nature that Chennai possess!

1. Kalaisakona Falls, Chitoor

Kalaisakona Falls, Chitoor
Photo by Rahuljoseph ind, CC BY-SA 4.0

Situated at a distance of 92 km from Chennai, Kalaisakona waterfall is a perpetual one and here it is outlawed to hike up this fall but you can enjoy the waters and its known therapeutic capacities. A small shrine is sited close to the place devoted to Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati and the tale behind this waterfall says that Lord Kailasanatheswara Swamy arrived at earth to visit the wedding ceremony of Lord Venkateswara Swami and Goddess Padmavathi which was to be held at Narayanavanam, situated 9 km from here. So, Lord Kailasanatheswara got so overwhelmed by this beautiful land and the serene surroundings that he selected this location for his meditation and this way the place got its name as Kailasakona.

2. Tada Falls, Chitoor

Tada Falls, Chitoor
Photo (Cropped) by Viknesh, CC BY 3.0

Tada Falls assures a superb trekking endeavor and that is what’s the amazing thing about this waterfall is, the hiking adventure to the base camp. It is bordered by fascinating surroundings and the waterfall is also split into two. So, you can take your whole group of friends for a marvelous trip or take your special one and share your amount of adrenaline rush with them at this quaint waterfall!

3. Catherine Waterfalls, Coonoor

Catherine Waterfalls, Coonoor
Photo by Raghavan G, CC BY-SA 4.0

A scenic location consisting of a bracing stream flowing, Catherine Waterfalls has been rated as a favorite trekking spot for hikers. It is sited to be 527 km distance from Chennai and there are also places like Kotagiri, Aravenu and many others where you can start trekking and then arrive at the top to be awestruck by Catherine Waterfalls’ beauty!

4. Law’s Falls, Coonoor

Law’s Falls is encircled by Coonoor forest range and is, in fact, called after Col. Law who brought the water trail into being and also erected Coonoor Ghats. It is more of a pristine treat away from the crowded attractions and directly into the lap of nature where you can relax and unwind in Mother Nature’s profound landscape that this waterfall boasts itself of. So, the jungle is actually a beautiful setting to make your picnic a rustic one!

5. Vaideki Waterfalls, Coimbatore

Another trekking hotspot, Vaideki Waterfalls of Coimbatore is at a distance of 533 km from the city of Chennai. It is surrounded by quaint woods and forest area so you have to take proper permission from the forest guard that will also allot you with a guide to tour around the jungle and reach safe at the falls. The best part is that the place is a habitat for animals which will surely provide the surrounding with a touch of the ancient times!

6. Suruli Waterfalls, Madurai

Suruli Waterfalls, Madurai
Photo by Farooq aumar, CC BY-SA 4.0

A favorite and stunning waterfall of all the time, Suruli Waterfalls is one of those few falls which are flowing round the year. Visit the popular Kailasantha Temple and then also Suruli Velappar Temple as both are close to this place. Suruli Waterfall is an idyllic option for a day break or a weekend getaway around Chennai as here you can explore the vistas and then chill out with nature by your side!

7. Killiyur Falls, Yercaud

Kiliyur Falls has its origins from the picturesque Yercaud Lake and needs a smooth hike to reach this incredibly interesting location. With the charm of Yercaud and sweet water flowing sounds around, this waterfall promises for a relaxing escape from your daily routines. So, you can meditate in this saccharine serenity or just play around and let yourself be immersed in its beauty!

8. Bear Shola Falls, Kodaikanal

Bear Shola Falls, Kodaikanal
Photo by Jaseem Hamza, CC BY 3.0

Bear Shola Falls are essentially eminent to observe bears that are often discovered near this astonishing waterfall. It is one of the most hypnotic wonders to treat oneself with and also a great picnic tour is what will make your trip to Bear Shola Falls a cherishing one. The distance to this place is 502 km and if you are tripping during monsoons then that’s the idyllic season to just be enthralled by this water charm!

9. Silver Cascade Falls, Kodaikanal

Silver Cascade Falls, Kodaikanal
Photo by Keerthirajan007, CC BY-SA 4.0

Silver Cascade Falls is an incredible one in the list of the top waterfalls nearby Chennai. Not only it is a refreshing fall but is situated at a 180ft altitude where you can just look at the world in its tiny size. You will really stumble on monkeys lurking around, so be alert and there are also many fruit peddlers and souvenir stalls to shop at, thus this place is a beautiful holiday spot to soothe yourself with some quality time with your loved ones and lots of selfies to make your travels memorable!

10. Jalagambarai Falls, Vellore

Jalagambarai Falls, Vellore
Photo by Ashwin Kumar, CC BY-SA 2.0

This waterfall is sited to be 200 km from the city located in the gorgeous valleys of Vellore. You have to reach Nilavoor and then you can hike downhill to reach this striking fall and as it is a small one, the best part is that it is quite pristine and this will let you enjoy its immaculateness at its best. So, if you are looking for those locations where you can soak in tranquility, Jalagambarai Falls is the one to travel to!

Thus, these waterfalls can be a little far away from Chennai but are sure to take your exhaustion away once you catch a sight of these spellbinding wonders. Just like Chennai’s beaches, these waterfalls too have their own aqua charm and will show you another immaculate aspect of this place. So, pack your bags and make sure to visit these waterfalls to just be awestruck by South India’s allure!

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