Top 5 Museums of Chennai

Termed as the “Health capital of India”, Chennai is the sixth largest city in the country. It was formerly known as Madras and is considered one of the major cities during the British Raj in India. Chennai is rich in cultural heritage and the art and architecture of the place adds to its charm. The museums, art galleries, dance shows, musical concerts and other aspects of the city make it worth a visit. The seaside and city view attracts loads of tourists every year. In this article, we have enlisted the names of 5 famous museums in the city of Chennai for you to visit during your vacation there.

1. Government Museum of Chennai

Government Museum of Chennai
Photo by L.vivian.richard, Public Domain

Built back in 1851, the Madras Museum is the second oldest museum built in the country. The museum comprising of 6 buildings and 46 galleries is a huge tourist attraction owing to the vast collection in mostly all aspects. This museum stands as an epitome of art and architecture as it houses the largest collection of Roman antiquities outside the boundaries of Europe. The archaeological and numismatics sections of the museum are praiseworthy and a must visit for all. The National Art Gallery consisting of rare works of artists like Raja Ravi Verma is also in the premises of this museum. Another interesting fact about the Government Museum of Chennai is that, it is the first government sponsored museum in India.

2. Regional Rail Museum

Regional Rail Museum
Photo by Destination8infinity, CC BY-SA 3.0

Spreading over an area of 6.5 acres of land, the Regional Rail Museum in Chennai is famous for exhibiting the glorious history of railway networks in India. The major attractions of this place include the display of vintage coaches and also steam engines built during the British Rule in India. There are over 40 different models of trains that are beautifully placed on the outdoors of this museum. Artworks of artists including Shahed Pasha and M S Murthy are well placed in the art gallery. Tourists can take a ride in the toy train that is specially organised to get a better overview of the museum.

3. Rukmini Devi Museum

Constructed in the memory of the founder of Kalakshetra, the Rukmini Devi Museum is one of the most famous places to visit in Chennai. The exhibits of this place include items that had been collected by Rukmini Devi over a period of her lifetime and some were also received as gifts from the dear ones. The photographs, bronze idols and sculptures are arranged splendidly for tourist visits. There are also personal care items including sarees of her and writing table. The cutlery and crockery are also parts of the museum.

4. The Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Centre

The primary purpose of building this centre was to open the floodgates of scientific study and research. Students were encouraged to take up the subject and study well. It was established in the year 1983 by the government of the state. The planetarium of Chennai is also present within the 20 acres of the Tamil Nadu Science and Technology centre. Several demonstrations and science shows including space watching are available for the people. It is a great place for space enthusiasts and people in general. Kids are sure to enjoy the most in the premises.

5. Fort Museum

Fort Museum
Photo by Rakesh.5suthar, CC BY-SA 3.0

The famous Fort Museum in Chennai is a depiction of the British rule in India. This was the iconic house of the first ever Madras Bank. If you are someone who is interested in the history of colonial Indian times, this might be the perfect place for you. The museum has a collection of coins, medals, art, artefacts and uniforms from various countries including France, England, Scotland and India. In the museum, you will also find letters by Robert Clive and Cornwallis. Another major attraction of the museum which many people are unaware of is the preserved Indian flag that was ever hoisted in independent India. The flag is carefully placed in the third floor of the museum and public are not allowed to take photographs or snaps.

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