5 Best Paragliding Spots in Manali

Manali, a stunning hill station located in the dainty state of Himachal Pradesh, is situated at a height of about 2040 meters above sea level. With a plethora of picturesque and mesmerizing locations scattered throughout the region, Manali is a highly-famed tourist spot. The strategic location, with its gushing waters and Rocky Mountains, make it the perfect place for a wide range of adventure sports to be conducted. Manali is one of the most famous spots for paragliding in the country. Let’s look into some of the best locations for carrying out this adrenaline rushing activity.

1. Solang Valley

Solang Valley
Photo by Raman Virdi, CC BY 2.0

Paragliding in the famed Solang Valley, located at about 15 kilometers from Manali, is quite popular amongst tourists for the great experience which they get with respect to paragliding. The area which is around is perfect for carrying out the paragliding activity due to the lush greenery all around and a magnificent view. With qualified paragliding instructors to guide you on the dos and don’ts of the task, this location is perfect to ensure that you have the best thrilling experience in the 20 minutes of soaring high up in the sky.

2. Fatru

Paragliding in this perfect location is one to look forward to and behold. This majestic area is preferred by all those people who choose the long flight in paragliding for staying up in the air for a duration of up to 30 minutes when all the right conditions prevail. Fatru is usually preferred by the more experienced people who have already performed the short flights many times. The ravishing view from the top is well worth all the time which is spent to paraglide and ends up making you high on the excitement and sense of self-accomplishment.

3. Bijli Mahadev

Bijli Mahadev
Photo by Ashish Sharma, CC BY-SA 4.0

One of the most famous spots for trekking in Manali, this panoramic location is great to paraglide over and is preferred by many professionals. Located in the magnificent Kullu valley, which is surrounded by the Parvati Range with its blooming colors, this specific spot is famed fo,r the holy Bijli Mahadev temple. Paragliding over this area while looking down on the serene valley and trying to catch a glimpse of the iconic temple is one to be never missed by any paragliding lover.

4. Kangra Valley

Kangra Valley
Photo by Fredi Bach, CC BY 2.0

The paragliding conducted in the Bir-Billing stretch attracts adventure junkies from all over the country. The take off point for paragliding is the striking location of Bir while the dainty region of Billing is where the landing occurs. Usually thronged by adventure tourists during the months of August to November, the place is filled once the Himalayan Paragliding Pre-Event is conducted yearly. The true beauty of Kangra valley can be experienced from the top as we glide over the skies as free as a bird.

5. Marhi

Photo by Achiwiki356, CC BY-SA 3.0

Marhi is yet another location which is very famous for its paragliding activities amongst tourists. Flying freely up in the sky while looking down at the Dhauladar ranges and taking in the impressive vast expanse of the Kullu valley is an unforgettable moment which kicks in a highly intoxicating adrenaline rush. The act of paragliding here is conducted from a height of about more than 3000 meters. The incensed feeling of exhilaration is one which is not to be missed.

With such an amazing number of options and activities to carry out, Manali is quick becoming an attraction for adventure junkies to try out some energizing and soul-stirring sport activities. Paragliding, being a task of utmost vitality, tests a person’s physical and mental endurance to a high limit and in return offers a magical moment to be carried on and reveled throughout one’s life. Manali is easily becoming one of the most preferred places to paraglide due to its breathtaking location, and has become successful in pulling in people for paragliding from every nook and corner of the country.

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