Top 15 Homestays in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is a mesmerizing hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu. Popularly known for its gifted landscapes, cool climate, lush forests and charming people, Kodaikanal makes a popular tourist destination in India as well as abroad. The majority of its economy depends on tourism industry and the locals are all involved in it. Kodaikanal is famous for one more thing and that is its homestays. The city doesn’t have a lot of hotels, so locals have opened up part of their own homes for tourists. Tourists can live with them at nominal rates and sometimes even enjoy homemade local varieties of food. The best places that offer this type of arrangement are mentioned below.

1. Villa Rose Holidays Homestay

Villa Rose Holidays Homestay
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This is a very famous place in Kodaikanal to enjoy a lovely homestay. One villa consists of 3 bedrooms, one living area, a spacious compound, 3 bathrooms and even a balcony overlooking a well-manicured garden. Villa Rose Holidays Homestay can accommodate up to 15 people.

2. B2B Homestay

B2B Homestay
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B2B Homestay is located on the Vinayagar Street in Kodaikanal. This leading homestay is situated among mountains, which gives a thrilling holiday experience. The 21 rooms here have all types of modern facilities and the hotel also offers a lot of indoor activities.

3. Lofty Meadows Homestay

Lofty Meadows Homestay
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This is an exquisite heritage homestay in Kodaikanal, overlooking a valley, a dam, the Western Ghats and the plains of a hill slope. Lofty Meadows Homestay is almost 90 years old and is made in an antique style of British architecture. This charming house provides a perfect vacation and a comfortable stay.

4. Kodaikanal Dreamstay

Kodaikanal Dreamstay
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Kodaikanal Dreamstay is a traditional homestay with 2 independent bungalows inside one premise. There is a beautiful view of the hills and the valley. A serene lake is also located nearby.

5. Serenita Homestay

Serenita Homestay
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This place is rightly named Serenita, as it is located in the midst of serenity. It is a slow and peaceful life to lead here and delicious food is also provided. What place is better for a good holiday?

6. Thapovan Villa Homestay

Thapovan Villa Homestay
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Settled in the middle of Vazaigiri Valley, Thapovan Villa Homestay is the perfect getaway from the busy city life. Luxurious villas are available for families as well as couples. It is a very ecology friendly place and offers good rates as well.

7. Dalethorpe Homestay

Dalethorpe Homestay
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This unique English style homestay is the perfect blend of greenery and luxury living. Built in the early 1930s, Dalethorpe Homestay is surrounded by traces of majestic lawns and lush trees of eucalyptus, pines and wattles. The garden is filed with flowers and medicinal herbs.

8. Misty Mountain Cottage

Misty Mountain Cottage
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With all equipped facilities, Misty Mountain Cottage is one of the most reasonable and affordable homestays in all of Kodaikanal. Balconies of all rooms give views of the mountain slopes and the city bustle as well. The barbeque served here is very famous.

9. Villa Orchard Homestay

Villa Orchard Homestay
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Located on the Fairy Falls road, the home of this owner was converted by him in a more spacious area, to extend a welcome to all tourists coming here. Villa Orchard Homestay is a quaint house, with comfortable rooms, located amid pear orchards.

10. Kodaikanal Rands

Kodaikanal Rands
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A private bungalow, perfect for a small family or a group of friends, Kodaikanal Rands is spread over an area of 2000 sq. feet. It has been furnished taking into account a very homely environment. An in-house cook is available with three well-made rooms, with attached bathrooms.

11. Atman Homestay

Atman Homestay
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This 4 rooms’ private property is located a little farther from Kodai Lake. Trekking trails, bird watching, a walk amid Mother Nature and all local sightseeing is arranged by the hoteliers. Atman Homestay also provides a warm fireplace and outdoor camp fires.

12. Fairway Inn Homestay

Fairway Inn Homestay
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A legendary place, celebrated actors and famous personalities also love coming here for a detox stay. 190 years old and probably the oldest in Kodaikanal, Fairway Inn Homestay is filled with historical tales and cultural significance.

13. Crowd Inn Homestay

A modest place, at very affordable rates, Crowd Inn Homestay is located right next to Kodai International Business School and Sacred Heart College Museum. It is the perfect place for a low budget vacation.

14. Syamantac Villas

 Syamantac Villas
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Go here for luxury and a pampered vacation. Located on the hill slopes of Kodaikanal, Syamantac Villas is grand, well furnished, with top notch facilities. They are known for their unmatched hospitality and the most helpful staff.

15. K C Homes

K C Homes
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18 rooms, adequate facilities, budget friendly rates and a homely staff, all attract tourists to K C Homes. It is located at a mere distance of 2.5 kms from Kodai Lake.

All these places have their own unique facilities and differentiated rates. It is all about finding your right fit and what would make your holiday better.

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