The Best Time to Visit Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is not differentiable, at first blush, from an exotic foreign seaside destination. Glittering lights stretch along the surface of a mirror blue lake, and the air around appears bright and clear. Now, this is one vacation that might put you in the mood for shedding those extra kilos you gained sitting around at work-between dozens of parks, lakes and walks, all picturesque, this place is going to get you up and moving. The best yearly periods at which you can hit this location is either near monsoon (June, July) or later in the year, around September. Winter is as good a time, both for sightseeing and adrenaline sports.

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Months         Conditions   Our Recommendation
November to FebruaryMost desirable time of the year, climate being so nice that you will enjoy all the outdoor activities. If you visit Kodaikanal in January, don’t forget to attend Pongal festival.Popular Tourist Season


March to MaySummers are mild, you will enjoy sightseeing and other tourist activities.Ideal Time


June to SeptemberThe fresh air and greenery around is worth going for, rains make the surroundings come alive. July and August are a bit tricky as rains may cause roadblocks and landslides.Off Season

Summers in Kodaikanal (affectionately called Kodai in some parts) don’t get as uncomfortably hot as some other major Indian cities- it remains pleasanter, maybe the proximity to waterbodies has to do with it. The summers are good for sightseeing (and there are plenty sights to see), or indulge in sports like boating.

Monsoons in Kodai can be a popular or unpopular choice, depending on conventionality. The rains aren’t too heavy, and it lends a certain fresh and clean look to enhance the natural surrounding. The rains might come on unexpectedly during sightseeing though, and pulls the temperature down a few notches.

Winters in Kodai are pleasantly warm some times, but can get much colder at nights, the fluctuation range is large. You can go sightseeing easily, winter makes for lovely walks Kodai provides such opportunity for. Pongal, the festival here, is a major highlight in winter tourism.

How to Reach Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal can be got to by air through a number of airports including the nearest Madurai, or can be taken a bus to from major cities like Bangalore or Chennai. You can take taxis from these locations and Mysore, etc and also one to your hotel from the airports. You can drive yourself by road to Kodai from places nearby like Bangalore, Chennai as well.

Kodaikanal India
Photo by aSrN, CC BY 2.0

What to Do and See in Kodaikanal

  • The breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls like Bear Shola Falls and the Silver Cascade Falls. The Silver Cascade falls sometimes even allow tourists to swim in its waters, though the climate turns cold, and it is advisable to check tolerance before plunging in. These falls act as the perfect accessory to amping the beauty of the gorgeous Kodaikanal Lake.
  • The equally beautiful lakes like the Kodaikanal Lake and the Berijam Lake. The eponymous Kodaikanal lake is a very notable map entrant of Kodaikanal-built under British and American and with likewise brilliant machinery, it also scores high on aesthetic appeal, drawing tourists in with gigs involving boats and flora.
  • The Parks like Chettiar Park and Bryant Park. Bryant Park houses some ancient trees, and some preservation house worthy material like Eucalyptus trees. You can by flora here as well. Kodaikanal sells yearlong lasting plants at some places, but it does one good to be wary of counterfeit sellers of such goodies.
  • The important Kodaikanal Solar Observatory, important for those with a scientific bent of mind. It has a really comfortable guest house and is manned by the folks at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics.
  • The Wax Museum, Kodaikanal’s open challenge to Madame Tussaud and a genuine hit with the touristy crowd. Large collection of lifelike wax work statues and figurines.

Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is a vacation spot that is fairly green, in beautiful keeping with modern times. It has much to further the cause of nature protection and enhancement by way of parks, lakes and observatories, and all that greenery might just succeed in cutting back on your unhealthy habits and making your life a tad better too! Kodaikanal is diverse season wise, warm or cold, rainy or not, Pongal or no Pongal. So thank your lucky stars for this handy season based guide, and start picking your dream duration-happy Kodaikanal to you!

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