The Best Time to Visit Mount Abu

Mount Abu has a name that immediately brings to your mind Arabian folktales and Aladdin’s magic lamp-his little pet was called Abu. Mount Abu is nothing less magical as a tourist destination- a picture perfect hill station that’s got lakes, temples, forts and palaces, places to watch the sunset from and wild little fauna species could rarely be any different. Also, it has a separate tourist spot marked out for honeymooners by name-that’s how popular it is. Mount Abu remains pleasant weather-wise all the year round, but borders on the hotter side during summer and is pleasantly cold in winter. Even then, February-June is considered the best time to pay it a visit, along with September-December.

Mount Abu
Photo (Cropped) by Prafull V Chauvhan, CC BY 2.0
Months         Conditions   Our Recommendation
November to FebruaryPerfect time for the couples. Winters are not that cold here. Climate remains cool and calm, which makes the sightseeing and other tourist activities enjoyable.Popular Tourist Season


March to JuneMount Abu is a beautiful hill station, Summers are mild here. If you are planning to visit, don’t forget to attend the Gangaur festival which is held in March.Ideal Time


July to OctoberThis small hill station looks stunning in rains, the surrounding come alive along with the refreshing air. You will surely enjoy Mount Abu during this time.Ideal Time


Mount Abu in summer is a charming place. It is not cold and neither is it too hot, the weather is pleasingly warm-the sunlight feels good on your back when you go sightseeing. That’s one of the best things you can do in summer in Mount Abu- go visiting the plenty of tourist attractions it showcases like forts and temples and sunset points among the green. Or you can let it go and set out to sail on a heavenly cruise across the water bodies. There are sports adventure activities you can play, and an exclusive summer festival.

Monsoons in Mount Abu are not the heaviest shower witnessing grounds, but it is the highest amount received in Rajasthan state. While the rains aren’t sweeping, it certainly rejuvenates and brings to life, making monsoons in Mount Abu a very popular tourist pick too. It is tranquil and beautiful, with moderate temperature, and nature’s beauty is multiplied manifold, so if you are big on sceneries and landscapes, this is one visit you should pay.

Winters atop Mount Abu are cold, but not bitingly or chillingly so. Its fairly cold, with lowest sometimes recorded in the negative, but in general, its a kind of cold that makes for great outdoor activity, sport and sightseeing weather. Nature is also beautiful, and a fairly famous winter festival is another highlight on the tourist agenda map of this place.

How to Reach Mount Abu

The airport closest to Mount Abu is Dabok, which schedules domestic flights, and you can take taxis to your hotel from there. The convenient railway station is the one named Marthala, and also, you could take buses from other major cities thanks to a well-connected network.

Mount Abu India
Photo by Selmer van Alten, CC BY 2.0

What to See and Do at Mount Abu

  • Dilwara Temples

These intricately sculpted temples, located a very little way off from Mount Abu are Jain temples, constructed by Vastapul Tejpal.

  • Nakki Lake

Picturesque lakes located into the Aravalli hills, throwing the colour and geography into sharp visual relief. A lot of hotels around make it great for holidays.

  • Sunset Point

A romantic vantage point of the magnificent setting Sun in all its glory. You can walk up to it if you wanna.

  • Arbuda Devi Temple

Religious destination located right inside a cave.

Mount Abu is a splendid vacation destination that remains pleasant for you any time of the year you happen to chance on it. Neither are summers sweltering, nor are winters too chilly- but winters are cold, so you would want to carry sweaters for sweater weather, just in case. Monsoons are beautiful nature-wise, and you can go sightseeing in peace both in summer and in winter. Just in case, you want to add that extra pizzazz to your vacation that comes only once in a year in a specific season, it would do you immense good to keep this little weather guide handy. Everything said and done, I hope you all will have the greatest vacation ever.

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