Top 5 Things to Do in Jaisalmer

The golden city of Rajasthan, standing out with its brilliant sandstone architecture is the home of the magnificent Thar Desert. September to March is the best time to visit this city, and the fact that it is a popular tourist destination makes it all the more interesting a journey. There are many notable places to visit, including the beautifully designed fort, and tasting the authentic Rajasthani food, so when you plan your trip to Jaisalmer, be sure to have at least a week dedicated to this pretty city. To make your experience in Jaisalmer more appealing, here are a few fun things you can do while visiting Jaisalmer.

1. Lounge at the Gadsisar Lake

Photo by nevil zaveri, CC BY 2.0

One of the most famous tourist spots of Jaisalmer is the Gadsisar Lake. It was the water reservoir of the entirety of Rajasthan at one point, making it all the more intriguing a location. The lake is tranquil and quiet, despite the brimming tourists and the occasional noises. It consists of a temple, which many devotees occupy throughout the year. As a tourist, the lake is quite attractive due to the many colourful birds that fly across the grounds of the many other smaller temples, which make this area quite crowded yet serene at the same time.

2. Ride the Camels

Photo by Dan Searle, CC BY-SA 2.0

Going to Jaisalmer and not taking a camel ride would be missing out on a chunk of fun and adventure. The desert of Jaisalmer is perfect for some cool camel rides, and the view from atop a camel is truly quite different. Experience the way the ancient people travelled and how the ship of the desert makes its mark upon Rajasthan. Camel rides are carried out by professionals throughout the year, but the best time to go would be during October and February since the heat is low at that time, and camel rides in the desert become even more enjoyable an activity.

3. Tour the Jaisalmer Fort

Photo by Fulvio Spada, CC BY-SA 2.0

The city of Jaisalmer gained popularity at first due to the existence of this brilliantly created Fort, which the name of the city stands for. This fortress was constructed in the most traditionally Rajasthani manner, giving it the ever charming appeal. The four layered walls are truly a mark of great architecture, making it an enigma that housed the great Rajputs of Rajasthan, and a sight that should surely never be overlooked during a visit.

4. Visit Patwon Ki Haveli

View from Patwon ki Haveli, Photo by 4ocima, CC BY 2.0

Since havelis are an integral part of Jaisalmer, the Patwon ki Haveli is quite popular due to its interesting features. Aside from the fact that it stands as the proof of being the first ever haveli of the city, it is known for being a collection of five separately identifiable havelis all in one, giving it the title of being the biggest of havelis not only in Jaisalmer but also in Rajasthan itself. The haveli is also known as ‘Mansion of Brocade Merchants’ due to the fact that its inhabitants, the Patwa family, dealt in gold and silver. It is brilliantly constructed, with intricately built archways and gates, which make it a very interesting and beguiling a sight.

5. Indulge in Dune Bashing

Photo by Robert Young, CC BY 2.0

It is not just in the gulf regions that dune bashing is popular and adventurous. Our very own Jaisalmer is quite adept at providing a thrilling desert safari or dune bashing in the Thar Desert. Experiencing this ride is not just adrenaline pumping but also quite enjoyable. If you’re an adventure lover and someone who isn’t scared of a little thrill in their life, go right ahead and sign up for your dune bashing or desert safari trip in the exhilarating and gripping dunes of Jaisalmer’s own personal brilliance of a desert!

Jaisalmer is most popular for its collection of palaces, forts and havelis, which are surely a must for every visitor, but with all the other interesting activities, none should really be missed during a visit.

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