National Research Centre on Camel, Bikaner

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: Museum Experience, Knowledge and seeking, Novelty
  • Entrance Fee: Rs.30 Per Person for Indians and Rs.100 Per Person for Foreign Tourists. Camera charges Rs. 50, and rides Rs. 50.
  • Visiting Time: 2 PM – 6 PM (Daily)
  • Visit Duration: 1 to 2 hours

National Research Centre on Camel in Bikaner, is one of the best places in India to learn about camels. This research centre was established in 1984 by the government and since then has also functioned as a breeding farm, museum, and a popular place for tourists to learn more about these animals and to experience a different variety of cuisine, made from camel milk. The place is located around 8 kilometres from Bikaner and can be easily visited in an hour or two by boarding an auto rickshaw or a taxi for a round trip from the city.

National Camel Research
Photo by Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose, CC BY 2.0

Traveller Tips

  • The best time to visit is around 3 PM when the herd of around 400 camels kept in the centre returns from their daily desert visit. The experience of seeing these creatures of the desert come back in a group is magnificent and exotic.
  • Weekends see the largest number of visitors here, so it will be a good idea to visit during the week to experience this place in peace and take your own time here without any rush.
  • Bikaner can get very hot in the summers so make sure to wear comfortable clothing suited for warm weather.
  • Carry hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the desert sun.
  • There is a camel milk parlour and souvenir shop for tourists within the research centre.

Things to Do

  • Go on a camel ride around the area.
  • Buy beautiful handicrafts made from camel skin. There is a wide range of purses, bags, and even caps available.
  • Take home little souvenirs of the trip in form of camel tooth key chains, notebooks, shawls, and artwork made of camel bones or skin.
  • Take a look at the museum at the entrance of the research centre to find out more about the history of the place and about the camels here.
  • The staff here is very friendly so do not hesitate to contact them in case of a doubt.

Availability of Guides

You can hire a guide for a fee. Approved guide rates vary for Indian and foreign tourists and depend on the number of people in a group, with guides charging higher rates for larger groups.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Bikaner and surrounding areas is in winter, from the month of December to February. The temperature ranges from 5 to 25 degrees Celsius and the afternoon sun in pleasant at this time.

How to Reach

Buses, auto-rickshaws, taxis or cars are available from Bikaner. It is recommended that you take an auto rickshaw or a taxi from the city for a round trip as it is usually difficult to get a ride back from the research centre because it is situated on the Jaipur-Jodhpur Bypass. An auto rickshaw or taxi will charge you anything from Rs. 150 to 400 including the half hour wait at the place.

Interesting Facts and Trivia About National Research Centre on Camel

  • National Research Centre on Camel houses around 400 camels of 4 different species.
  • The British Army took camels from Bikaner to be part of the World War I corps.
  • The research centre is currently conducting research on genetics, reproduction, physiology, nutrition, and health of camels.
  • The centre’s research directly effects and helps farmers in the state to adopt better agricultural practices and thus increase yield.
  • The museum at the National Research Centre on Camel shows interesting facts and trivia about the place and the animals.
  • Camel milk lassi, coffee, cream, and kulfi are available at the milk parlour in the campus and are very famous among tourists.

Nearby Attractions

Nearby Restaurants

  • Shakti Dining
  • Cafe Indra
  • Road Runner Cafe
  • Vijayvargiya Dhani
  • Camel Dairy Store within the premises

National Research Centre on Camel is one of the best places in the country to learn about the ship of the desert. It will be a great idea to go here as a part of your day long trip around Bikaner, especially with kids as they can learn and enjoy their time here in the outdoors at the same time.

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