Top 5 Things to Do in Munnar

Kerala is an abundance of natural beauty and submerging activities that will make a trip the most memorable one. Munnar, in particular, is possibly the most popular location in Kerala for tourists and travellers, and it truly is a haven that just can’t be unseen. In the cool and serene regions of Munnar, complete with looming hills and twisting forest trails along with the tea and spice plantations scattered around the town, this hill station will leave you mesmerized for quite a long time. Have a look at the following five fun things to do when in this amazing town of Kerala.

1. Tour the Tea Museum

Photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra, CC BY 2.0

The first thing you must to when visiting Munnar is to check out the Tea factories and museum. Here you can witness the process of tea making along with the ancient tea-roller machine, old photographs of the working factory and a video of 30 minutes that showcases the interesting history of Munnar and the sprawling tea estate of this town.

When you travel to the tea museum located a mere 1.5kms at the north of Munnar, you can also take a glance at the tea plantations on the way, which are quite the view amidst Munnar’s spellbinding mountains and swaying palm trees. Not very far are the spice plantations as well.

2. Retreat to Mount Carmel Church

Photo by കാക്കര, CC BY-SA 3.0

Munnar’s main church, Mount Carmel is an architectural marvel. This Roman Catholic Church should be paid a visit to during the trip, for not only is it designed in a traditional and ancient way but it also provides the unmistakeable peace that adds to Munnar’s charm. It has an interesting history and began functioning in the year 1898 with Father Alphonse as its inceptor.

The first mass of the day starts at 7.30am, and is something every visitor must at least once take a look at and experience. It is located in the Nullatanni region of Munnar. Close to the church are the famous Hotels Hillview, Elysium Garden, and Tea County.

3. Visit Punarjani Traditional Village

Munnar, Photo by ponrajk22, CC0 1.0

Don’t you want to witness some traditional and cultural heritage of the southern India? Look no further, for Punarjani traditional village provides just that. Here you can watch Kathakali performances by trained dancers and singers, who will leave you completely engrossed. Tickets can be purchased when entering this village where you can enjoy traditional Kerala cuisine along with watching the trained dancers display their wonderful performance before you in the evenings around 5pm and 6pm. Rest assured, you’ll probably be returning to watch it again.

4. Enjoy the Sandal Valley Tour

Let this brilliant tour take your breath away as you traverse through the major regions of Munnar that are mostly filled with brimming tourists throughout the year. The Sandal Valley Tour in Munnar will take you through Nilgiri Tahr, Rajamalai National Park, Luckom Falls, Anaimudi Peak, Sandalwood Forest, Orange Plantations, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Thoovanam Falls, Muniara Caves and many other such interesting places in the town.

It is truly a lot of fun to tour through Munnar with your companions, as you witness this beautiful town unfold before your eyes, and it surely is a breathtaking sight, so keep your cameras out!

5. Dine at Rapsy Restaurant

Located right in the Bazaar area of Munnar, Rapsy Restaurant offers some lip smacking Biryani and Parathas throughout the day, but it is most packed during the lunch hours. There are also some delicious multi-cuisine facilities like Spanish and Italian along with Mexican and Israeli food.

You can have some fun with your family or friends at lunch in this restaurant, and indulge in some well-prepared delicacies. With its glass front you can also get a nice view of the bazaar along with the picturesque mountains of Munnar that can’t be avoided from any part of the town.

Now that you’ve taken a glimpse of the sheer brilliance that is Munnar, there really shouldn’t be delay in packing the bags and heading over right away for a cooling summer!

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