10 Most Romantic Resorts in Munnar 

Kerala’s abilities of stealing your heart as a naturally bountiful destination are a stranger to no one. With some of the most beautiful hill stations, beaches, yoga and meditation ambiance available at east, there is nothing in Kerala that you wouldn’t fall instantaneously in love with. As part of Kerala’s most astounding hill stations, Munnar takes the cake since it is a highly popular tourist destination in Kerala. Not only can you have the absolute time of your life at Munnar, you can also relax and be adventurous at the same time. But after a long day of trekking up Munnar’s hills and rafting through the river, you’d want to lay down and relax, so what better way to do that than the following amazing resorts of Munnar.

1. The Leaf

The Leaf
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Misty hills and lush greenery providing the cool that you were craving from your busy life, and oddly comforting organic herbs and vegetable patches inducing flutters in your heart are just the start of what you’re in for at the Leaf Munnar. Villas and cottages that are an elegant blend of stunning interiors and a mesmeric view of Munnar have brought travellers from far and wide to stay at the Leaf while in Kerala. Add to that a multi-cuisine restaurant and an infinity pool, you’ve got yourself a party.

2. Fragrant Nature

Fragrant Nature
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A truly lavish resort and hotel in Munnar is Fragrant Nature, one of the most preferred tourist venues to stay at in Kerala. Fragrant nature is a combination of profound opulence and comfort that you’d find nowhere else. The luxury lover in you would awaken at the generous hospitality the staff at Fragrant Nature offers to its guests. The added bonus is that the popular tourist spots of Munnar are easily accessible from where Fragrant Nature is located.

3. Camellia and Elettaria Twin Resorts

Camellia and Elettaria Twin Resorts
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You’d want nothing but to snuggle in bed and look at the astonishing view of the sprightly Munnar from the window of your suite at Camellia and Elettaria Twin Resorts. These two resorts stand side by side and look like they’ve come right out of paradise to make your stay at Munnar completely engrossing. With rolling hills and a pristine atmosphere, Camellia and Elettaria will treat you and your partner just right. Look out for the extravagant honeymoon suite!

4. Devonshire Greens

Devonshire Greens
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Nestled in the comfort of nature and away from the busy and boisterous city life, Devonshire Greens is a popular tourist resort in Munnar. Tea plantations of Munnar are visible through the luxurious balconies of the suites in Devonshire Greens, so you can feel like you’re sitting in the heart of Kerala’s bountiful natural escape. The resort organizes activities like bird watching, jeep safari, forest walks, trekking, campfire nights etc. to keep its guests entertained. Devonshire has also been voted as one of the most romantic retreats in Munnar.

5. Tea Harvester

Tea Harvester
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Glorious contemporary design and comfortable rooms within this snuggly villa that is known as Tea Harvester is accurately the mark of Munnar’s unparalleled beauty. Not only is Tea Harvester located perfectly in the lap of cardamom plantations and spellbinding trees, it offers a comfy ambience that you won’t be able to forget for a while. A spa and campfire spaces of Tea Harvester will only go on to perk up your honeymoon or holiday at Munnar.

6. Blackberry Hills Retreat and Spa

Blackberry Hills Retreat and Spa
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Despite being an undersized resort in the hills of Munnar, Blackberry Hills Retreat and Spa is one of the most favoured holiday resorts in Kerala. Originally started as an organic farm, Blackberry now stands as a resort over 10 acres of landscape spread across one of the most beautiful parts of Munnar. Blackberry’s spa is sure to take away all of your stress and leave you rejuvenated to tour the entirety of Munnar’s most enchanting regions.

7. Glenmore Resort

Glenmore Resort
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Imagine waking up to the sight of the magnificent tea and spice plantations of Munnar from your window at Glenmore Resort. Wouldn’t that just make your day? Glenmore provides a perfect view of the looming Munnar hills and plantations along with a spectacular treatment for the guests. You can make plans to embark upon your well-planned tour of the spice and tea plantations from Glenmore while enjoying the comfort of your suite or room.

8. The Munnar Queen

The Munnar Queen
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If you’re a craver of nature and a lover of all things environment friendly, the Munnar Queen will make your wishes come true. Sitting atop Eagle Point, Munnar Queen provides exquisite service to its guests all the while maintaining its eco-friendly standards. You will find that your five-star resort stay is matched with some organic vegetables and a view of Munnar’s most beautiful natural surroundings. Don’t forget to indulge in some delectable treats at the multi-cuisine restaurants of Munnar Queen.

9. Chandys Windy Woods

Chandys Windy Woods
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If Munnar’s natural mists weren’t enough, Chandys Windy Woods is home to a splendid artificial waterfall that acts like a complete bonus during your stay there. Chandys provides comfort and luxury to its guests along with opportunities to embark upon a forest tour wherein you can take a look at the insides of Munnar’s dense green woods that are ideally situated within the hazy slopes of the hills.

10. Plum Judy

Plum Judy
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Perched upon one of the serene hills of Munnar, Plum Judy offers a truly exotic and relaxing experience for its guests. With various options of rooms and suites to choose from, you are free to pick one of your liking and budget. Plum Judy promises to combine excellence and comfort all in one cocoon of tranquillity that is the backdrop of Munnar’s looming hills and unforgettable deep valleys. If you pick the right suite, you can get one of the most mesmerizing views of Munnar from your balcony or window.

You can guarantee yourself to have the best time with your loved one at any of these brilliant resorts in Kerala, that are sure to make your romantic getaway a memorable one. Such resorts not only provide a romantic weekend, but also ensure that you regenerate a romance with nature.

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