Bolgatty Palace, Kochi

Visitor Information

  • Famous For: History, Nature, Photography, Architecture.
  • Entry Fee: No entry fee.
  • Visiting Time: Preferably during the day if you are not planning to stay there.
  • Visiting Duration: 2 to 3 hours minimum.

Visiting a palace is the dream of every man and woman who is not of noble birth. The sophistication, elegance and magnanimity associated with royalty leaves every spectator spellbound. Thus, if given an opportunity, every man or woman would definitely love to construct something equivalent to the taste of aristocracy to attract the appraisal of the common folk. This must have been the same thought being nurtured in the minds of the Dutch traders when they had set their foot upon the Indian soil in Kochi to establish a profitable trade relationship in India. Thus, have resolved to establish their prowess not only in business, but, also in terms of architectural advancement, the Dutch traders ordered that a palace be built in the Bolgatty Island in Kochi for their residence. This palace is famous in history as the Bolgatty Palace and is a very popular tourist destination among the eager tourists.

Bolgatty Palace
Photo by Challiyan, CC BY-SA 2.5

Traveller Tips

  • Make sure that carrying sufficient money if you want to indulge in luxury.
  • You can wear something stylish and fantasize that you are a royalty when you walk up the main entrance and have some fun.

Things to Do There

  • Enjoy a quiet walk down the lush, green lawn of the heritage hotel.
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee or a luxurious meal and stay at the luxury heritage hotel if you can afford to do so.
  • Pose against the ancient and aristocratic walls to flaunt your royal photographs on social media.

Availability of Guides

The in-house staff, themselves, will help you out with anything that you require to know or to do.

Best Time to Visit

October to April would be the best time to visit Bolgatty Palace due to the pleasant weather of Kochi during this season.

How to Reach

The Bolgatty Palace is located at a distance of 11.3 km from the heart of Kochi. The easiest way to reach the place would be by hiring a cab.

Interesting Facts About the Bolgatty Island

  • The Bolgatty Palace was constructed at full swing in 1744 under the instructions of the Dutch traders.
  • This palace follows the European style of architecture and is very intricately designed.
  • The island was built on the Bolgatty Island because of the natural scenic beauty and the geographical advantage of that area.
  • During the tenure of the British Raj, the Bolgatty Mansion was used by the officials as a headquarter and a place of stay.
  • There is a bridge that connects the Bolgatty Island to the mainland of Kochi.
  • At present, it serves as luxurious heritage hotel.
Bolgatty Palace Kochi
View from palace, Photo by Dhruvaraj S, CC BY 2.0

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The Bolgatty Palace has a rich ambience and a panoramic beauty. Built in the 18th Century, the walls of the palace whisper the tales of many battles that they had been a spectator of. Every nook and corner of this ancient and exotic palace is locked in the yellowed pages of history, and, thus, they whisper out to the visitors of the palace, telling the visitors so many untold stories.

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