Ponmudi Hills, Trivandrum

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: Hill station, scenic beauty, photography, adventure sports.
  • Entrance Fee: No entrance fee
  • Visiting Time: no specific timings
  • Visit Duration: no specific limit as to time spend 

A majestic portion of the Western Ghats overlooking the mighty Arabian Sea, the Ponmudi Hills is a picturesque painting drawn by God’s own hand set in God’s Own Country. The plush green dells and rolling meadows, blanketed by the various hues of the heavens above, adorned with a sheen blanket of frosty mist is a siren call for all, whether you enjoy the outdoors or not. The tempting beauty of the Ponmudi hills is no wonder, because it is set in the Western Ghats. It has been attested by many that Ponmudi hills are like cheerful lads, always full of energy and busting with pride.

Ponmudi Hills
Photo by Thejas Panarkandy, CC BY 2.0

Traveller Tips

  • Make sure you carry valid ID proofs with you. You might need them to gain access to some of the attractions in and around Ponmudi. Even if you don’t, I would personally suggest for you to keep the proper documentations with you while you are travelling.
  • Pack accordingly to the season which you have chosen to visit. Always choose comfortable clothes so that you will be left free to explore the beautiful landscapes of Ponmudi Hills.
  • Don’t forget to bring on your adventure spirit. There is plenty of indulging in Ponmudi. Chart out a plan with your tourist agency complete with trekking, hiking, paragliding, parasailing and rock-climbing.
  • Now, this I don’t think I need to specially mention to you but this is a reminder just in case you forget amidst the hustle and bustle of packing. I assure you that you will have a lot of moments to capture so do make sure that you have your camera with you.
  • You must carry a first-aid kit with you especially if you are travelling with your family. Kids often have the tendency to fall down and hurt themselves. Trust me; you will need the bandages to cover it up.
  • Carry handy medicines, especially if you are on prescribed drugs or medication. This is especially important if you have elderly people or children accompanying you.

Things to Do

  • Is there any limit to the things one can do in a hill station like Ponmudi? You can spend hours just gazing at the picturesque landscapes.
  • The Kallar River offers you wonderful opportunities for canoeing and rafting. Even if you are not into adventure sports, just take a dip. The soothing waters of Kallar are just like a Jacuzzi, set amidst lush valleys and misty hill tops. The perfect water massage for those nerves!
  • Trekking is a favourite sport for those who visit here and it is ideal for both novice as well as experienced trekkers.
  • The Ponmudi Hills offer the perfect vantage point for paragliding especially for novice gliders. It is comparatively safer than other peak points in the Ghat region.
  • The hill station packs a mean punch of adrenaline rush. You can go for a simple trekking expedition or go for paragliding or parasailing and even try out some rock climbing. There is always a first for everything and what best place to try this out than Ponmudi Hills?
  • How wonderful would it be to plan a picnic amidst gushing waterfalls in the distance and lush green valleys adorned with a velvet blanket of mist? You can even do this alone if you think it is time for some soul searching and contemplation. There is nothing like your comfort food and wider horizons that can change you.
  • You can also plan the picnic for your loved ones, especially if you have children with you. It would be a welcoming and refreshing change.

Availability of Guides

A golden feather in the hat of Kerala’s tourism, Ponmudi hills is a preferred tourist destination in Trivandrum. So, it does not come as a surprise that there is no shortage of tour guides. I would personally suggest for you to plan your trip with a tour agency especially if you are travelling with your family. This would ensure that you are safe and secure; all the while making the most out of your trip. Then it is the responsibility of the tour agency to put you in the hands of an expert guide. Or you can go rogue and just head to this petite little hill station. But if you want to plan the trip by yourself then you can head out straight and if you want you can avail a local guide from there, which you will find in plenty. But I would advise you to hire your guide from the official tourism office at Trivandrum, so that you will be making the right choice and can eliminate the risk of inconveniences.

Best Time to Visit

Kerala is one of those rare places where you can pay a visit any time of the year. This year-round destination packs a truck load of fun, no matter what the season. Here are how the seasons go. The months from March to May are generally the summer season in Kerala and the temperature is as high as 35 degree Celsius. The monsoon in Kerala falls in two phases. The first monsoon season will be from June and lasts up to August. The second phase of monsoon falls from October to November. The winter begins in December and extends till the month of February. However recent climatic events have changed the weather conditions. So, you better, check the climate beforehand. So, as you have guessed the best time to visit Ponmudi Hills is after the onset of winters and also in the summers. This is a great escape from the heat waves in Trivandrum. Just avoid the monsoons, because these destructs your chances of exploration and other adventure activities. So, I would suggest the winters as your best bet to visit Ponmudi when the climate is fairly pleasant and welcoming. The winters in Ponmudi also gives you the best opportunity to enjoy the mist.

How to Reach

Quite unfortunately there are no direct trains to Ponmudi Hills and being a hill station this does not come as a surprise. The nearest airport to Ponmudi hills is located approximately 50 kms away. The Trivandrum International Airport is well connected with domestic and international flights from all over the world. The half an hour distance between Ponmudi Hills and Trivandrum International Airport can be easily covered if you avail the services of local transportation. If you need some privacy and want to travel at your own convenience then I suggest that you book a cab. The nearest railway station to Ponmudi is Trivandrum Central Railway Station, which is also approximated at a distance of 55kms away from Ponmudi Hills.

Interesting Facts and Trivia about Ponmudi Hills

  • The cottages in Ponmudi Hills are known for their homely atmosphere. It is like bringing your own house to this picturesque hill station set amidst lush valleys and tea plantations.
  • The Ponmudi Hill Station is not yet touched by modernity. The hill station is still a developing place. So, you might want to carry some snacks with you. You don’t want to be left hungry.
  • The Ponmudi Hills is a great escape from the routine of daily life. It is also a regular hangout place and a weekend getaway for locals.
  • The Ponmudi hills are a perfect spot for those who are novice to trekking. Experienced trekkers, don’t you worry! There are plenty of hair pin bends and narrow winding paths if you dare to take a different route. Just make sure you have an expert guide with you, who can take you through this less traversed routes.
  • The Ponmudi Hills also houses a large variety of flora and fauna. Observe them in their natural habitat, in the Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary. There is also a park dedicated exclusively for the cute little dears, just a few kilometres away from Peeppara Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • The Meenmutty and Kallar Waterfalls is a must visit place which is en route to Ponmudi. You get the chance to trek to the waterfalls which is actually a pleasant walk through narrow winding jungle paths and beautiful lush green valleys.
Ponmudi Hills Trivandrum
Photo by Thejas Panarkandy, CC BY 2.0

Nearby Attractions

This petite little hill top is not at all short of attractions. Take a sneak peek into some of them.

  • Kallar
  • Menmutty Falls
  • Koyikkal Palace
  • Trivandrum Zoological Gardens and Museum
  • Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Vithura
  • Napier Museum
  • Natural History Musuem
  • VJT Hall

Nearby Restaurants

  • The Orchid Restaurant
  • Haritha Restaurant
  • Government Guest House Restaurant
  • The Sagar

It comes as a surprise that this cute and petite little hill station is only half an hour’s drive away from the bustling city of Trivandrum– the administrative and political hub of Kerala. I am not exaggerating when I say that the Ponmudi Hills and surrounding landscapes are indeed like a picturesque painting that can be crafted only by divine hands. There is nothing like a beautiful landscape that can change your perspective on life. Pack your bags and head out to Ponmudi Hills and I assure you the trip would be worth your time.

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