Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Kumarakom

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: Nature, Serenity, Birds
  • Entrance Fee:50 per adult
  • Visiting Time: 6 AM to 5 PM (Daily)
  • Visit Duration: 3 hours to 4 hours

The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is the right place for bird and nature lovers to spend a lot of time in. Situated in Kumarakom in the state of Kerala, this location attracts a lot of tourists from every nook of the world. With a great number of residential fowl and quite a good number of migratory birds during specific times of the year, this bird sanctuary is present just at a distance of 17 kilometers from Kottayam. The birds can be spotted all around the 14-acre premise by walking through specific pathways which have been carved out for visitors. Another enjoyable way of spotting birds would be sailing in boats along either the Vembanad Lake or along the Kavanar river as this would lead to the sightings of many fowls which settle around the water region. Also, known as the Vembanad Bird Sanctuary due to its proximity to the Vembanad Lake, this place is apt to relax within the arms of nature and enjoy the allure of it.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
Photo by mountainamoeba, CC BY 2.0

Traveler Tips

  • Choose comfortable footwear for walking if you plan to bird watch by walking within the premises of the sanctuary.
  • Drink a lot of water to keep up with the climate.
  • Visit early in the morning to catch sight of many birds.

Things to Do

  • Relax and unwind while walking through the mesmerizing forest area.
  • Sail through the boats on the lake to cover the birds which live near water.
  • Stay at the one of the houseboats which Kumarakom is famous for and enjoy a totally unique experience.
  • Visit the nearby Aruvikkuzhi Falls which is a very famous spot to picnic and get drenched in the waters which fall from a height of about 100 feet.
  • Shop at the local markets to get some souvenirs from the region.
  • Carry out wildlife photography to your heart’s content with the plethora of birds which chirp around the spot.
  • Try out local cuisines to enjoy the authentic taste of God’s own Country.

Availability of Guides

There are local guides who are available to point out and explain the various birds and their daily routines. They can be hired for a certain fee, which depends on the season.

How to Reach

The bird sanctuary is present at a distance of about 13 kilometers from the Kottayam Junction near Kumarakom. It can be easily reached by public transport like buses or even cabs and auto rickshaws. The nearest airport is located in Cochin which is about 100 kilometers away. The closest railway station is just about 13 kilometers away in Kottayam, which makes the spot easily accessible to visitors.

Best Time to Visit

Kumarakom has a tropical climate and experiences very less climatic variations making it ideal to be visited at any time throughout the year. The months of June to August is quite apt to witness more birds as it is the breeding season and sees many species of birds outside. To sight migratory birds which can come from as far as Siberia, the months after November till May are perfect.

Interesting Facts and Trivia About the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

  • The sanctuary was earlier named Baker’s Estate and is said to be initiated by a bird enthusiast who was British.
  • The species of waterfowl which can be found in the location include the spot billed ducks, kingfishers and even teals.
  • A backwater resort has also been set up for visitors called Waterscapes.
  • The number of bird species could easily surpass hundred in number.
  • The famous Siberian crane can be spotted here during the migratory period.
  • Some of the regional bird species include parrots, egrets, flycatchers, herons etc.
  • The nearby spots of Pathiramanal and Thollayiram Kayal are also great for bird watching.
Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary Kumarakom
Photo by P.K.Niyogi, CC0 1.0

Nearby Restaurant

  • Grannery
  • Laguna Bass
  • Llakesong
  • Cocobay Restaurant
  • Cordon Bleu
  • Samrudhi Ethnic Restaurant
  • Tharavadu 

Nearby Attractions

  • Pathiramanal
  • Bay Island Driftwood Museum
  • Kumarakom Beach
  • Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall
  • Vembanad Lake
  • Thollayiram Kayal

The perfect blend of nature and enjoyment is what is guaranteed by the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. All this makes the spot a must visit by nature enthusiasts and bird lovers. The vivid colors of the backdrop and the plethora of birds which happily chirp away in their natural habitat is a soul-stirring experience indeed.

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