Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls, Kumarakom

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: Beauty, Serenity, Tourism
  • Entrance Fee: No fee as it is a public spot
  • Visiting Time: 6 AM to 10 PM (Daily)
  • Visit Duration: 2 hours to 3 hours

Aruzikkuzhi waterfalls is the right destination for families and friends to enjoy some great moments at Kumarakom in the state of Kerala. Situated at just about 15 kilometers from the city of Kottayam, this spot is a majestic sight with water gushing down from a height of about 100 feet. The lush spread of the rubber plantations which surround the area, contribute to the calming aura which is present throughout the location. The surrounding forest area has also got a plethora of vegetation including that of bananas, mangoes, jackfruits etc. All this makes the spot a prime attraction with it being visited by a large number of tourists who drop in to wander around the region. Providing the perfect location to unwind and relax in the proximity of nature, the Aruzikkuzhi waterfalls are a must visit for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Traveler Tips

  • Wear comfortable shoes to trek around the rubber plantations as well as to reach the falls.
  • The surrounding area can be quite slippery and hence, tourists are advised to tread carefully around the area.
  • Carry an extra set of clothes if planning to get wet.

Things to Do

  • Relax in the serenity of the environment where the sound of falling water dominates over all.
  • Get the adventurer in you going by trekking around the nearby region and the rubber plantations which are present in the region.
  • Have great fun getting immersed in the cool water which falls from a good height.
  • Make use of the vivid backdrop and click a great many good photographs.
  • Stay at the houseboats which are located on the backwaters of the Vembanad Lake for a totally refreshing experience.
  • Carry out activities like fishing and yachting in the waters of Kumarakom.
  • Pay a visit to the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary to take a look at the wide variety of birds which are present in the premises.
  • Shop out at the local markets to carry home souvenirs and local products.
  • Try out the local eateries to experience the authentic and amazing variety of food served in the state.

Availability of Guides

There are local guides who are available and will show you around the various plantations and sites of Kumarakom for a certain fee.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the falls are during the monsoon months which start from September. This is when there will be a lot of water flowing from a height as the rainfall can be up to 1000 mm. The rest of the year is also quite pleasant to visit the region as Kumarakom has a tropical climate which does not see much climatic variations.

How to Reach

Kumarakom is situated about 15 kilometers away from the main town of Kottayam. This location is accessible by railways as the nearest railway station is just 20 kilometers away. The closest airport is about 100 kilometers away in the city of Cochin. Once we reach Kumarakom, the waterfalls are just about 2 kilometers away and can be reached by cabs or even by walking through a small path which is present. There is good public transport like buses and auto rickshaws are available at all times in and around the area.

Interesting Facts and Trivia About Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls

  • The Vembanad Lake which is located nearby holds the privilege of being the largest lake in Kerala.
  • Kumarakom was ruled under the Thekkumur king in the ancient days.
  • Another prime attraction of the region is the bird sanctuary which is spread around an area of 14 acres and is visited by many migratory birds.
  • This location is a storehouse of a wide variety of species which are seen in the backwaters as well as in the forest area.
Vembanad Lake
Vembanad Lake, Photo by Kerala Tourism, CC BY-SA 2.0

Nearby Restaurants

  • The Juice Shack
  • Nalekattu
  • Meenachil
  • Thali Restaurant
  • Cordon Bleu

Nearby Attractions

  • Vembanad Lake
  • Cheriyapally
  • Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
  • Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple

Comprising of a wide variety of activities to carry out and locations to visit, Kumarakom is definitely a place that has to be visited. To immerse yourself in the peaceful and soul-stirring arrangement, the Aruvikkhuzhi Falls is the right spot to visit to spend time in to get transferred into another world of timelessness.

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