Top 10 Resorts in Lansdowne

Lansdowne is a pristine and picturesque tourist destination in India surrounded by the stunning Pauri district of Uttarakhand. Being a lesser-known and unspoiled hill station of North India, Lansdowne is a great place for a weekend getaway or spending a week just amidst the beautiful mountains and taking part in the various endeavors that this place has to offer. Further, this haven has numerous resorts situated amidst the hillside to provide the visitors with a misty look and lots of services to allure them with. So, to help you find the best we are here with the top 10 resorts in Lansdowne that will never compromise in terms of luxury and will give you a memorable stay for your vacation here in the amazing Lansdowne.

1. Lans Castle Hotel

Lans Castle Hotel
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With the mesmerizing views of Himalayan ranges of Garhwal, Lans Castle Hotel is a wonderful retreat in the striking valleys of Lansdowne. The interior is elegant and the prices are also quite affordable, making this hotel a good alternative to choose from. What’s more is the luxurious and premium rooms with terraces are here and there are plenty of indoor games availed, a bistro is also with multi-cuisine options and many other adventures are also organized to make your holiday a thrilling endeavor in the gripping hillside.

2. Rio Resort

Rio Resort
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Rio Resort is built in such a way that it is finely situated by river and surrounded by the misty peaks. There is a terrace garden, a gym, plus riverside dinner and evening campfires are also held by the resort staff. Moreover, with the relaxing sounds of flowing rivers, the huts are skillfully built giving a great touch of tranquility to everyone’s stay here.

3. Blue Pine Resort

Blue Pine Resort
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Blue Pine Resort is one of the well-deluxe and luxurious retreats that Lansdowne offers the tourists with. The calm location of this resort is what attracts the travelers, and the pleasant staff with their scrumptious food is the thing that will draw you again to this hilly town. Being one of the plush hotels in Lansdowne, the rooms are wonderfully designed and there are also indoor activities offered like a pool table, gym, live DJ nights and bonfires.

4. Fairydale Resort

Fairydale Resort
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Fairydale Resort is one of the oldest resorts in the town constructed during the British times. While the interiors are styled with the charming designs of British Era, the retreat boasts itself of the contemporary amenities offered to the tourists. There are classically designed cottages with elegant interiors offering the stunning views of mountains and the restaurant here with its mouth-watering Indian and international food provides you with a sumptuous vacation at Lansdowne.

5. Vanvasa Resort

Vanvasa Resort
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Vanvasa avails a getaway into the lap of nature with its extravagant cottages and villas surrounded by the gripping forests and valleys of Lansdowne. The resort is although quite far away from the main location but if you are looking for a complete nature escape here, then Vanvasa is a best and ideal adventure for you to stay at. There are many safaris offered to explore the Vatanvasa National Park, Kalagarh Tiger Reserve and Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary and all the modern services are here complementing the natural aura of this retreat.

6. Hotel Snow Cliff

Hotel Snow Cliff
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Hotel Snow Cliff is a great place as it presents the gorgeous views of the numerous peaks of Garhwal and Himalayan ranges. It is a dazzling blend of luxury and inexpensiveness thus not letting you compromise in terms of any of these. The well-built rooms with fine decors and all needed amenities are the best to go for a relaxing and rejuvenating stay in Lansdowne.

7. Retreat Anand Jungle Resort

Retreat Anand Jungle Resort
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Retreat Anand Jungle Resort aims at providing a break away from the teeming tourist spots and its location is amidst the forests of Lansdowne. Spread over a huge location, this resort is one of itself that will let you get lost into the breathtaking views of Himalayas, plus the accormodation is also ranged from deluxe to super deluxe and a restaurant that invites to cook by yourself, thus the hospitable vibes of this retreat are a thumbs-up.

8. Kasang Regency Resort

Kasang Regency Resort
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Kasang Regency Resort is known for the tranquility it provides the guests with. The setting of this resort is a calm location offering great views of the Jim Corbett and the rooms too are designed with a plush look to provide composure to your stay. There are many games organized, evening bonfire, spa and live music are the things that will give you a perfect retreat in Lansdowne.

9. Forest Palace

Forest Palace
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Situated in Jaiharikhal, Forest Palace stays true to its name by finding a location amidst the serene vistas and lush forests of this town. Its eco-friendly ambience is the USP of this place as a greener nature is what we want to be close to in our vacations. The services here are range from standard to luxurious and the staff too is very hospitable making you feel at home.

10. Tip N Top Resort

Tip N Top Resort
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This resort is located near to the Tip N Top which is a known tourist site of Lansdowne and is a wonderfully built retreat to stop by. There are cottages classified into different rooms and all of these are constructed of fine wood brought in from Finland. The designing too is spectacular and the facilities range from a badminton court to a garden and many more for the entertainment of the visitors.

Hence, these resorts being one of the top retreats in Lansdowne are amazing places to stay at whenever you visit this stunning hill-station. These havens are an incredible blend of luxury and greenery both of which are abundant in the town of Lansdowne. So, pack your bags and plan your next trip to this mesmerizing paradise of flora and fauna, happy journey!

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